Invisible Man

The train sways back and forth on the elevated tracks as the passengers nestled in their seats for the long journey into the concrete zoo. Everyone’s bundled up. Their layers making even the slimmest person appear obesesed however it’s their way of braving the cold that mother nature brings with her

When I Get Lonely

You’re the visual that prances into my optics,
Though in it’s infancy,
it waddles in and out of my thoughts,
As if it’s a sport to run through my mind,
Hopefully it clears the hurdles placed in its way,
Maybe then we reach the finish line,

But it’s only when I get lonely,

Let’s Talk About It: My Parents Don’t Like My Significant Other

Let’s Talk About It is a place where I talk about relationship issues that I notice and feel some sort of discussion needs to be had. Using Twitter Polls, I ask questions and recieve answers, some you’ll below.