Cucumbers, Corn and Other Things I Love and Hate about Social Media

Some things just don’t mix.

Snow in the summer, cereal and water, me and my exes.

Simple, right?

You would think that it’s obvious and it would make people avoid certain things but they continue to chase things that don’t mix with them.

It’s like the microwave theory I wrote about. I need my glass plate and nothing else, nothing more.

Especially when it comes to relationships, but here we are. Talking about how certain things don’t make sense together and the lines are being blurred in pop culture, television, movies and even social media.

Speaking of social media, isn’t it a weird place? It’s a freaking competition. One I didn’t see coming at all when I first signed up for MySpace.

Since Tom first friended me, social media has changed drastically. People actually use to communicate on these things. Now it’s just videos. And recycled tweets and Russian spies hacking the election.

Go figure.

Even our president shouldn’t be on social media, but here go Agent Orange, doing what Agent Orange does but I get suspended for saying (insert N word).

I’m not going to lie, social media has been my life forever.

I’ve built bonds, secured relationships, had conversations with people in different countries via WhatsApp. (Editor’s Note: Hi, Jess!)

But I’ve met more people that has been in my life for years using Al Gore’s Internet.

So, I can say I love social media, but I also hate social media and I’ve listed my top 5 reasons below:

Love: Meeting Various People From Various Places

Before social media, you only knew people in your area. Your friends you went to school with and played tag with in the park. Invited over for a birthday party or even a barbeque.

Now we have friends all over the world. We spend hours sometimes chatting with them and growing relationships and now you travel to play tag. (Editor’s Note: If you never seen that movie “TAG” you should, it’s an amazing flick.)

Not every visit goes well but I haven’t had those experiences.

Hate: Cucumber and Corn Being Sexually Molested

Videos made social media a great place. Videos also made social media a popularity contest.

Videos also made social media thanks to vine but now social media is been overtaken by vegetables being sexed orally as well as being used as dildos.

It’s maddening and needs to stop. It was funny during the “50 Shades” time, now it’s just downright silly. Nobody wants to actually see it being done but these people won’t listen. The likes and retweets are causing this to go viral and I just wish it would stop.

Love: Seeing Strangers Uplift Others and Showing Tons of Support.

I know I’m not the only person that created something and expected your friends and immediate family to support it.

You ask them if they seen this or that and they’ll say no but they’ll inform you about the latest Facebook gossip. You know what celebrity did what and what celebrity beefing with who and the other likes of things.

The greatest thing about social media is the fact that you can gain support from someone that’s a stranger.

So much for not talking to them, huh?

I’ve gotten genuine support from folks I’ve never met or never had plans to meet. That support turns into genuine interest and now you have a friend that’s on the other side of the globe. (Editor’s Note: Sorry flat earthers. This planet is a sphere.)

That drives you to continue going. Even though people are killing it, you still find the will to keep going and that’s really all any creator needs, support.

So thanks if you’re reading this.

Hate: Recycled Tweets

We all deal with them. That’s if you’re active on Twitter that is but even when I occasionally scroll Facebook, I see things I’ve seen on Twitter weeks ago.

Creativity has taken a backseat to copycats. People don’t want to be themselves anymore. They want to be the next thing to go viral. Even if it means stealing other people’s creative thoughts.

Inspiration is one thing but complete imitation is not flattery. I don’t care, it’s my opinion and like Nene Leaks says..

Love: Always Being Able to Find A Conversation

If social media was used properly, you’d never be bored. You’d be able to always scroll your feed and find great conversation. I mean it used to be that way, but not so much anymore.

Still, if you can weed through the fradulant sugar daddies, cash app request and “you wanna flip your money” direct messages, you notice that we aren’t all weirdos.

Some of us have great insight, others are just catfishing.

Even those conversations are welcomed at 3am when the feed slows down.

And those are Five Things I love and Hate about social media. In the comments share some of the things you love and hate about social media below!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to hit follow!

Published by Kareem Gaynor

Kareem Gaynor was born and partially raised in New York City. Writing is his side chick, cause music is his love. You can follow his antics on Twitter @aguynamedREMO. Like a pic on IG if you're free

3 thoughts on “Cucumbers, Corn and Other Things I Love and Hate about Social Media

  1. I love the same things you love as far as meeting new people and the interaction but I hate how people abuse social media to downgrade or “blast” others. All personal business is not for “ the world” to know. A lot of bullying, low self esteem, and suicide comes from social media. But it’s also a great place to share good news and for networking ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m not completely anti-social thanks to social media. I love meeting new people and getting my keke like the next person. I hate how easy it is to spread hate-speech on social media. The keyboard warriors who suddenly gain courage with WiFi are the worst. All-in-all, when used properly social media is a great thing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I agree but in due time things will change for the better. Or at least get back to the ways it used to be. Hopefully, at least.


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