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Let’s Talk About It: My Parents Don’t Like My Significant Other

Let’s Talk About It is a place where I talk about relationship issues that I notice and feel some sort of discussion needs to be had. Using Twitter Polls, I ask questions and recieve answers, some you’ll below.

Let’s Talk About It is a place where I talk about relationship issues that I notice and feel some sort of discussion needs to be had. Using Twitter Polls, I ask questions and recieve answers, some you’ll below.

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So you meet someone and things are going great. You begin to believe he or she may be “the one” which happens when meeting someone new.

(Editor’s Note – We’ll discuss my feelings on that in another post.)

As things begin to get heavy, you start to think to yourself how you’d love to introduce your significant other to your parents.

It’s okay, I heard you scream out “WHOA” too. I’m sure that was the “let’s take it slow” crowd, but not everyone is patient as you. Some things move faster when going with the flow. Other times, it’s like watching paint dry. Pick your poison lovers.

But say you’re the fast moving type or even the slow moving variety and you’re meeting the parents, but they don’t particularly like your partner, what do one do?

Well, I didn’t know the answer because my “mom” hates every woman I’ve brought home except one. But then again, she kinda hates everything so… You know.

I asked Twitter using a poll and the response was surprising. More than 900 people shared their opinion via vote and many more through comments and quote tweets.

But here’s what I asked folks:

Simple. And 58% of the votes went to yes, they would. I mean I would. My reason though is because I do what I want. Or in a more simpler form…

And while my opinion isn’t always valid, many others chimed in.

Easton always has good insight. But what if you weren’t liked by most people like she is?

I feel her tho. Like, that’s a serious red flag. How am I supposed to spend life with someone wand avoid every family gathering because the parents didn’t like your choice?

I’ll pass.

Jess mentioned this:

And I’m sure that’s what we all want. Right? But it’s not always the case. Which leads me to what Whitney had to say, I kinda agree with her.

I always say try to make it work, but if you can’t. Run. As. Fast. As. You. Can.

I mean some people really just don’t care. They love who they love and like she said:

And most people feel that way. Although, I doubt their share that sentiment with their significant other.

Miss Washington figures her family is better anyway.

And Steph feels like it’s about her happiness notnher parents:

And Tamier feels like:

Cold. But she isn’t wrong.

Life could be complicated. Relationships can make them that much more complicated. And choosing the right in laws are important to some, to others they think like Tamier.

My advice, listen to the people who want the best for you. Love makes you do all types of weird and crazy things that you know you’d never do. So why do it? 10 years later when you’re depressed and moving back in with your parents you’ll ask questions like “was it worth it?” “Why me?” While your mom just mentions how she told you so.

So let’s stop being stubborn and look for the red flags because if it wasn’t that important, I doubt you’d even want to introduce the person to your family in the first place.

But that’s why we talk about it.

By Kareem Gaynor

Kareem Gaynor aka Pres Remo is an African-American writer, songwriter, photographer and graphic designer from Brooklyn, NY. He's self taught and self motivated although he finds inspiration in many places. Follow his antics on social media at @iampresremo.

3 replies on “Let’s Talk About It: My Parents Don’t Like My Significant Other”

GOOD READ FRIEND! and everyone had very valid points 👏🏾 It could go one way or the other. I’ve experienced both sides of the fence so yeahhh .

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