I’m a Girl & I Like Boys

The thoughts come in as waves,

He makes my entire body convulse,
I laugh uncontrollably as his God Force energy touches me.
5D is fun, new perspectives on art.
New perspectives on love, he & I…

a new perspective.

Just the slightest touch ignites me. A flame he surely can withstand.

He senses for me, while I bask in him.
Every single move he makes empowers one of my chakras.

He is so enticing…

“Fond I am of you.”

My thoughts feel like whispers of love that want to escape past my tongue.

Instantly, he’s forgiven from past mental bonds. Instantly.

How sacred is she?

He must be wondering. Memories of the past stimulate the moment, bringing us that much closer to where we will one day be.
He knows there’s a reason I keep him at bay,
And it exhilarates the bond between us ever more.
Boldness is a feature of mine that cannot be turned off, especially by a moment this real.

Boys are like puppies, & boy I am sure down to play.

Every single movement is cute, the attraction barely ends.
Even the lifestyle he has chosen still brings a jolt of lighting within my veins.

Because it's him...

How instantly my soul recognizes his,

to leave my essence lingering with just a kiss?

I love by a code my dear, β€˜All or Nothing.’

Still he seeks a sample, something to grasp in the moment,
aiming so hard to not let me slip away.
Spoon full of the gifts you granted me.
I came to return the notes you once loaned.
How you’ve made me study & seek within myself.

Words & lessons forever resonate.

He asks the right questions,
as if it were a common test.

I find comfort & confidence in my answers, which slide out as if my brain is wired on auto response.

I’m a girl & I like boys.

Can you blame me?

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