The Perfect Day

You ever wake up wishing the day would go exactly as planned? Almost perfect in a way? Trust me, I’m sure we all do. So I sat and thought about my perfect day and kind of detailed it below. Enjoy.


The perfect day, wouldn’t consist of a morning. Why? Well, I’d be able to sleep in past twelve. I’m usually up early and go to bed pretty late. Im always working on something for my blog or business that I barely have much time for sleep. So sleeping in is definitely on the list.

They say that breakfast is the most essential part of ones days, so having a balanced breakfast wouldn’t be such a bad idea. My favorite is pancakes, but on my perfect day, I’d prefer french toast. It’s something about french toast during brunch that just makes it better, but having that with an omelette sounds like an amazing breakfast. Not too fond of orange juice, so a nice cup of apple or even cranberry would suffice.

Afterwards, I’d probably smoke. A good wake and bake session gets the creative juices flowing. So, that personally is one thing I wouldn’t break from my normal routine much. But my perfect day should consist of the perfect location, so poolside in Southern California would be ideal. The idea that it’s possible one day, let’s me know it’s not a far fetched one. And having a nice wake and bake after a French toast breakfast isn’t a bad idea to start a perfect day.


Well, the perfect day should consist of the perfect setting and my perfect afternoon wouldn’t be anything far fetched.

To be able to with the love of my life enjoying a beach or even a park having a picnic would be a great way to spend the perfect afternoon. Whether we are having a thought provoking conversation or even reading a book together out loud, alternating pages as we go, that’s how I’d envision it.

Maybe sneaking off and having a quick session in a location that was somewhat discreet would be fun and adventurous. But it would have to be a spontaneous thing. Not something we planned or setup but just like man, let’s go.

I’d like to think I’m pretty romantic, so having an afternoon with someone I care deeply about, doing something I enjoy and enjoying the spontaneity of the day sounds like a perfect afternoon in my book.


After a great “morning” and perfect afternoon the night is where things end and the perfect ending to the day would be again of course with someone I hold dearly.

Imagine dinner along a secluded beach, where it’s just you, your significant other and a waiter serving drinks and your favorite meal. A playlist playing that was inspired by your relationship playing softly in the background as we discuss goals and things we want to achieve individually as well as together.

After eating, a nice walk along the beach talking about life still and how we wish this moment would last forever is what’s in my mind as I write this. Holding hands, enjoying the sounds of the waves crashing along the beach. The breeze just right. It may lead to an incredible love making session on that very beach but again spontaneity is everything and that’s not a bad way to end a perfect day.

And on that note. That’s my perfect day. Drop some comments below and let me know how would you spend your perfect day.

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Published by Kareem Gaynor

Kareem Gaynor was born and partially raised in New York City. Writing is his side chick, cause music is his love. You can follow his antics on Twitter @aguynamedREMO. Like a pic on IG if you're free

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