Almost Doesn’t Count

I was almost happier with you then I was with others
It was almost like others didn’t exist as long as you did
It was almost as if you were the only thing that mattered
It was almost as if everything I longed for arrived together
It was almost perfect
I almost thought good things could happen to good people
And shit, I was almost right
Which means I was almost wrong as well
Being a glass half filled person, I realized it was almost a full cup
Someone else will make sure to remind me that it was almost done too
But if you see things how I see things, it’s like we were almost there
Almost to the goal
Almost to the future we saw for each other
And if that’s at the end of almost
I almost don’t want to enjoy the process
But that’s because I know almost doesn’t count
There are no second place trophies
No awards for almost doing it
That’s why almost doesn’t matter
Because forever I have to think about how I almost had your heart
And it’s the only reason I’m happy that almost doesn’t count


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