Let’s Talk About It: Round Table Discussions (Part Two)

Usually, we post once a week. But due to tons of submissions. We gonna stretch it into a two part Q&A with more guest.

Here is Part One: Click Here

Sheena, creator of sheenballa.com
Dominique, author of Pink Canvas
Shock, co-host of Shock & Mina
Gifty, blogger
Easton, YouTuber
Jai, loyal subscriber

1. What advice would you give your younger self about dating?

Sheena: Take your time. Listen to your gut and don’t allow anyone to dictate what you should feel.

Dominique: Whenever a guy makes you feel nauseous to be around him, trust that feeling and RUN! You’re mature for your age, but leave that grown ass man alone. He’s a pedophile and you can’t offer him anything more than pussy and conversation. Take your time getting to know yourself and date only those who value you accordingly.

Shock: Be polyamorous.

Gifty: I would tell my younger self to be patient and not judge quickly on outer appearances.

Easton: I’d tell my younger self to not feel pressured to date. That she’s perfect the way she is and don’t let older men and boys tell her otherwise. I’d tell her not to be naive of date men n that no means no… n that she can tell her mom anything about any relationship, she won’t get too mad.

Jai: It’s okay if this doesn’t work out and last forever. It’s okay to leave someone who has been deemed a good man by others. It’s okay to let go and start over. Also, patience. Take your time. Your heart/ your love can’t be rushed.

2. What makes you feel appreciated in a relationship?

Jai: Kind words expressing that I am appreciated followed by actions. Tell me but truly show me by giving me you time, consistency, love and support.

Dominique: I feel most appreciated when my interests are taken seriously. When he takes time to communicate with me in my first language–poetry. When he pays attention my smallest detail–it says, “I see you.”

Gifty: When my partner compliments and support my goals.

Sheena:Acts of Service; Understanding that I’m driven and being something that makes my life, and its work logisticallay easier, is love

Shock: When my wife tells me I’m awesome.

Easton: Just simple “thank you” or being taken out (I’ll even pay for the bill). Idk. I don’t like gifts, praise or compliments.

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3. What’s one thing your significant other could do to make you more confident about the future?

Dominique: My confidence is sky high about our future and he does a great job of providing reassurance. Hmm…one thing he can do…well, he knows what stone I want in my ring. I’ll wait! (He also knows that waiting has an expiration date lol *wink*)

Shock: Nothing. Been together 16 years. Our future is sealed.

Jai: Talking about our future but also putting plans in place to make those things happen.

Easton:I don’t have a significant other but something I’d find reassuring is if we constantly grew and evolved at a steady pace n we had great communication. Couples have that could make it through anything.

Gifty: By having a goal.

Sheena: Continuity and proven success.

4. If you had a change one thing about your relationship what would it be?

Easton: Not in a relationship but for some reason ppl like to lie to me so maybe I’d like to create a healthy open environment for the to feel comfortable enough to be truthful with me.

Gifty: The lying for sure.

Sheena: In my next relationship id be brutally honest right up from. The things Ive through have made me who I am and who Im not, so being honest is the best idea.

Jai: I’m single so…

Dominique: His snoring!! Not even gonna hold you. Our communication and all that jive is on point. There’s some downs in the mix of highs, but nothing beats not being able to sleep at night cuz a bear in human form is right next to me!

Shock: Nothing.

5. What does your significant other do that turns you on the most?

Shock: When she has a girlfriend that she can’t get enough of.

Sheena: Takes the time to learn me and my body. What makes me tick and doesn’t intentionally upset me.

Easton: When I’m dating someone best things they can do to turn me on is give to those in need, act like family to family, and drop innuendos.

Gifty: By taking me on a dinner date.

Dominique: Exist. His complexion, his smile, his embrace, his confidence. All he has to do is breathe and I’m all over him!

Jai: Truly listens. I like that shit

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Kareem Gaynor aka Pres Remo is an African-American writer, songwriter, photographer and graphic designer from Brooklyn, NY. He's self taught and self motivated although he finds inspiration in many places. Follow his antics on social media at @iampresremo.

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