Let’s Talk About It: What Is Your Love Language?

Until recently, I had no clue what love languages were. Had I known, it might have saved me a lot of headaches in previous relationships. Shit, had I known, I’d know a lot more about myself.

But during this process of “learning one self” I have learned what I enjoy and what I don’t enjoy in a relationship. It’s taught me what I’m willing to accept and what I won’t settle for. It taught me things that I took for granted shouldn’t have been. It’s helped me understand how to be better and what I should work on.

It also showed me how to pay attention to my significant other better. It’s taught me how to spot things that are off and use things like “words of affirmation” to boost a spirit. I understand now why some women enjoy cooking for them over going out to eat. Acts of service gets their juices flowing.

So I’ve recently did a poll asking what is the love language for some of my followers and here are the results:

(Editors Note: Seeing “Receiving Gifts” come in last place let me know the world isn’t completely lost.)

“Quality Time” took the win in this poll with 41% of the voters saying that spending time with their loved one is most important to them.

But everybody had their opinions. Here’s a few of them:

I def understand that, cause I could def deal with all 5. But of course I had to indulge more.

Now that’s the response I was looking for.

Some people couldn’t just choose one. I don’t blame them. Both these are definitely somethings I can understand and vibe with.


Acts of service for some love from a frequent voter.

Even had me googling DIY projects. I mean you never know right.

Words of affirmation got some love as well. Especially with it coming in second place in the poll.

Nobodies perfect, Ayona, but we’ll let you slide.

You’re not alone Courtney. Not by long shot.

But overall, I’ve learned one thing with this question, we are all different. Many people commented. Everybody had an opinion but nobodies was wrong.

So definitely learn your significant other. Ask questions, but don’t only ask, act on the things they say. If it’s words they need, tell them their beautiful. If it’s a touch, make sure they get their daily hug.

It’s the little things that create big things like weddings. At least that’s what they told me anyway.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave any comments below. And don’t forget to subscribe.

Published by Kareem Gaynor

Kareem Gaynor was born and partially raised in New York City. Writing is his side chick, cause music is his love. You can follow his antics on Twitter @aguynamedREMO. Like a pic on IG if you're free @presremo.media

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