Dreams of A Past Life

Past lives, they could exist If you believe it to be.

I asked God if I was able to dream of my previous life. Of course, he responded and gave me a glimpse of my past. From what it seemed, I was the wife of a chief, a strong warrior who loved me ever so deeply, as well as his tribe. I spoke English and the words I said made it clear to me that it was me. The way I speak to a man to make him smile, I was like “Yup that’s straight up me.”

I wasn’t sure what he was doing, maybe making or putting out a fire. We were both sitting on the ground him concentrating and Iā€™m just watching him, staring at him, feeling so in love happy to have him as mine.

Until finally I released my thoughts with words and action. I kissed him gently on his forearm, told him how I appreciate my warrior and I love my king.

Listening to me but not taking his eyes off of his work, his smile was so large it became contagious, I smiled back. I remember I asked him if he and I could take a visit to the waterfalls that evening.

I don’t know what his answer was hoping one day I get to dream that particular life again, just to know how the story ends.

Native American Love Story…

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