Past Life Regression

The persona of a warrior, yet a lover to the woman he admires most, the one currently in his presence. 

His desires to know & conquer  never dissipate. 

Still he’s gentle as the morning sun.
I watch as he caresses the rays I cleverly immersed in my tan skin. 

How passionate am I?
One can only ponder until it is truly experienced.

My oh my to be a woman of power..

Flashes of my imagination 
Symbolic in the present moment, memories of the past perhaps?


He never fully understood why we never happened.
I have an epiphany to how it could be, or maybe how it was.

My protector, my warrior. Never truly wanting to be king, but always worthy to stand by a queen.
Love her & cherish her bring the Goddess out of her. His God Force is strong. He becomes her strength, while she becomes herself. 

What I want with him is moments of pure love, one that is solely dedicated to him.

He ask, “Can I hold you at least?”
But you have my darling & you will..
Timing is everything. 

I hate it when people try to impress me, but he is impressive… 

He makes me feel like my name should be Empress by the way his compassion is set up.

I hold myself together in alignment,  still the attraction leaks like olive oil. 
Waves of desire linger in the air as he steps out of the room for a few minutes. I inhale & exhale consciously to restore the cracks to my will. 

Standing firm effortlessly in his presence. Standing firm while he’s away. 

My favorite violin concerto 
The classic him that I so adore.
We both say “I know”, as we individually point out our characteristics & attributes to each other. Still we want to know more, aware of the reality that we know nothing even though we’ve known each other for so long in this current lifetime.  

Visualizations from another era appear in my minds eye for the first time during our moment of silence. 

How can I emphasize on a soul recognition ?

A profound knowing of who he & I were in the past. Sure of the fact that, the imagery of interactions from our past are present in real time as well.

Such an alluring sensation.

An inherent aura of magic and mystery within our connection, not fully known yet truthfully understood.

One might describe it as vivid burst of electric charge distributions, with enough force to release unconscious layers of  
experience, a cosmic rush of recognition.

I recognize our significance to be as we once were, royalties…

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