Unapologetically Me

It’s hard to be the light,
when so many enjoy the darkness.
It’s hard to be myself,
When so many prefer a carbon copy of someone else.
It’s hard to make history,
When so many are focused on their past.
Perhaps, they are stuck there,
Their deLoren won’t start.
Sounds personal,
I don’t indulge in those problems.

So in order to be the light,
I must make peace with the darkness.
In order to be myself,
I must accept that you don’t want to be yourself.
In order to make history,
I must accept that my past is my path,
One I have to walk on alone,
Not looking for shotgun passengers,
Although, they are welcomed,
I travel with GOD regardless.

Because I am the light,
The one that shines bright.
I am me,
And I love me unconditionally.
I am the future,
Because history was mine to make.
And you and no wall of soldiers can stop me,
Because the light in me,
Allows me to be myself,
And because I am ME,
I will make history.

Unapologetically Me!

Published by Kareem Gaynor

Kareem Gaynor was born and partially raised in New York City. Writing is his side chick, cause music is his love. You can follow his antics on Twitter @aguynamedREMO. Like a pic on IG if you're free @presremo.media

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