Unapologetically Me

It’s hard to be the light,
when so many enjoy the darkness.
It’s hard to be myself,
When so many prefer a carbon copy of someone else.
It’s hard to make history,
When so many are focused on their past.
Perhaps, they are stuck there,
Their deLoren won’t start.
Sounds personal,
I don’t indulge in those problems.

So in order to be the light,
I must make peace with the darkness.
In order to be myself,
I must accept that you don’t want to be yourself.
In order to make history,
I must accept that my past is my path,
One I have to walk on alone,
Not looking for shotgun passengers,
Although, they are welcomed,
I travel with GOD regardless.

Because I am the light,
The one that shines bright.
I am me,
And I love me unconditionally.
I am the future,
Because history was mine to make.
And you and no wall of soldiers can stop me,
Because the light in me,
Allows me to be myself,
And because I am ME,
I will make history.

Unapologetically Me!


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