Blood in my hands that I’ve yet to wash
A skeleton in my closet
That forever waves at me
And then the flower I once trampled,
My only company
Grows once more in the crack of my concrete prison
To my knees, I go as I watch my friend
Grow once more in my lame presence
No words can describe how much I’ve tried
To revive your righteous spirit.

And for your return, I am eternally grateful.

How petty you are, and so delicate.
You fought your way through the gravel,
Please say you did so for me.
This cage is cold,
I mourned your falling, sweet flower,
My friend.

Each day was a tight-lipped scream
I lay next to my savior,
upon the rime below my feet.
I watch you fight the night.
With our dreams of letting go.
We’ll close our eyes and enjoy the wind,
As birds swoop by us.
I’ll guard your fruit and prosecute anyone
Who tries to unroot my friend,
my flower.

I’ll guide your growth
And spread your warmth
That has returned amongst you.
In this icy concrete cave a flower grows,
Funded by no light nor peat,
But you’re drowned in my river, managing to survive
With dreams of enjoying the wind.
And that we shall do, my dear friend, flower,
Once you shatter my concrete palace,
Setting us free once more.

We shall close our eyes and enjoy the wind together.
I want for nothing else but the wind and my flower.


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