BANG! The Shot Heard Round The World.

The good die young.
Like the kind that won’t pick up a gun, Just tryna have fun.
Especially the ones using they conscious and intuition…
so I made it my mission, to break apart anything promoting division.
Using these bars as my ammunition.
Brought Extensions,
I’m gunning for ascension.

Astral projections.
I’m on a different plane.
Negative entities get slain.
Daniel the Deity. We all the same.
One love. Jump in if you wonna change the game.
3rd Eye Coast. I Made my own lane.
Don’t gotta follow these lames.
Doing shit for they own gain.

I’m doing this to try and ease the pain.
Too much going on in the world.
It hurts my heart and brain.
Ima god, but I ain’t vain.
I just feel the universal life force flowing through my veins.
Waiting for the day that my people will reign.

Tired of my peoples tears fallin down like rain.
But pain brings growth, so think about that when you fumbling for some change.
Look inside there’s some thing we need to rearrange.

Living w your heart instead of your mind.
It doesn’t sound that strange.
Sounds like love.
Maybe it’s out your hearing range.
Some people can’t see out they 3rd eye its all the same.
Loss of consciousness is to blame.

So I use my heart and eye as weapons and take aim.
While the world listens for the bang…



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