The Art of Loving Thyself

He inspires me to work on myself and to look within.
I made a requisition to never give mediocrity in all that I do, a promise for me to stand by.

Love is a drug, Oxytocin to be exact. The addiction is incredible, if done right.

It is a bliss that can last a moment, lifetime, or eternally. It’s never simple to love yet many strive for an empirical result. We seek to prove our worth to outside sources.
It’s human to show that you matter and should be valued.

However, to give evidence of an existence of something one possesses internally is truly absurd.
It took awhile and now I know.
There was a time where I thought in such a naive way.

Some of us learn the hard way. Those hard lessons shed light on reality, in that reality I found my authentic beauty. Within that beauty I found me…

The Art of Loving Thyself


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