To know you and to have touched you
I am glad for what we had… I’m not going back there no matter how amazing it was.

To know you and to have touched you  

I am glad for what we had.

I didn’t want to spark the flames of the past,
It’s not something that is dead to me,
Rather, more as something that is easy for me, for us.

I’m not going back there no matter how amazing it was,
I will always want more than that.
My heart is open and you are stuck in your head.

I know you, and you seem to only settle for less,

I pray for you to be open to receiving more.
I don’t want to force you into loving me,
I don’t want to love you more than you love me.

I don’t want to be the girl that doesn’t have you fully.

You’ve made up your mind and I accept your choice as is.
I love being held and I love being loved.
I rather choose a man who wants more than just lust.

I thought you were the one I wanted in the moment,

I followed my intuition to learn that it wasn’t.
The ties and bonds only to be simple moments of pleasure,
I seek the depths of intimacy, what’s more than just sex.

The hard stuff that is deeper than the surface,

Our secrets, pains, and deepest desires.
I passed the test that I would’ve so gladly failed.
Because at a point I was also rejected from what I wanted,

I had to remind myself of that.

You know what makes me want to fall for you?
When you teach me something,
When you show me your passion after I’ve asked a question.

Sometimes our silence can be enough,

I also refuse to let it get boring.
I refuse to chase you.
I stood in my power so that I wouldn’t get hurt.

There’s still more between us to be purged.

I refuse to runaway. I choose to stand my ground,
Stable and aware of me.
I seek the real you, raw and uncut.

Not hiding behind your walls of used to being misunderstood.

I will always love you for you and I’m glad you know that.
I’m thankful to know that you think of me with a high regard,

And that I am worthy of a man who will consistently value me.

I’ll give myself that love first, and he will come eventually.

Thank you my love, I appreciate you wholeheartedly.

1 reply on “Unrequited”

I actually read it! I appreciate this piece and how it captured my attention immediately. It was from a female perspective and it wasn’t too much to turn me away. I rock with it! ✊🏾💯

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