Never Forget, It’s Okay To Be You

You’re unique so embrace it,
Face it, there’s no one like you,
That’s why your imitated,
Often, which they say is a form of flattery,
When actually, that’s someone else,
Not being themselves,
Now before you know it,
The world reminds you of you,
You’re unsure who is who,
Because you all are trying to be the same,
Things are hardly orginal lately,
Its crazy,
But it’s life now,
There aren’t many INDIVIDUALS left,
Endangered species in ever changing jungles,
Just trying to be themselves,
But deep down inside,
Everyone wants to be you,
Or someone else,
But is it because inside you don’t love you?
The person you were made to be?
Designed in divine light and powerful greatness?
Is that why you hide behind,
Different looks and whatevers trending,
Knowing deep down inside, you’d be rid of it all?
It’s funny, I use to think that too
Then I did it, I found me,
He’s pretty dope, honestly.
I’m sure when you find you,
You’ll think the same thing too.


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