You Made Your Bed

… now sleep!

You made your bed, now sleep
Comfortable I hope,
I don’t want you to be restless,
Even tho you didn’t have the same concern for me,
That’s not my problem anymore,
It’s yours, so I need it to be soothing,
So you can handle it,
You were at ease with the decision,
Or weren’t you,
It ate me up,
But I’m sure you enjoyed your meal,
So no need to worry now,
At least for me,
But I need you to be cozy,
Cheeks chubby and rosey,
Smiling at the thought,
That everything you want is coming,
Everything is what you deserve,
You’re only receiving your worth,
And that’s why,
For ever how long it’s going to be,
I need you to sleep,
And be at peace,
Because this is the bed you made,
And only you can sleep in it.

By Kareem Gaynor

Kareem Gaynor aka Pres Remo is an African-American writer, songwriter, photographer and graphic designer from Brooklyn, NY. He's self taught and self motivated although he finds inspiration in many places. Follow his antics on social media at @iampresremo.

4 replies on “You Made Your Bed”

No. Just the line came to me ‘ You Made Your Bed’ and I wrote. Maybe my subconscious needed to get that out tho. Idk.


This sounds like the “mature way” to handle a break up☺️ Like you’re expressing the fact that yes this other person caused all of this turmoil and in the end you’re hoping they get what they wanted in life…..without you👏🏾 Just my interpretation lol. Love the harsh reality of it as well!

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You understand me. Better than most people lol. Some things some times don’t need to be explained. Lol


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