You’re Amazing

I see how amazing you are,
I just wish you seen it too.
It’s not even about your outer beauty as much as what’s inside,
That hides from what you can visualize,
It isn’t seen until your aura shines brighter than high beams on dark winding country roads,
That’s when everyone notices what I see,
Thats when they actually notice how impressive you are,
But I noticed it in real time,
Hindsight couldn’t have painted a better representation of what others missed,
I’m just thankful GOD gave me the eyes to see beyond the lip gloss and lashes,
The bundles or natural locks that flow effortlessly down to your shoulders,
The smile that lights a room up brighter than Times Square to bring in the New Year,
I’m thankful I noticed your best curve even tho your other curves will have the best drivers moving cautiously around them,
It’s not that I don’t see them, but I was enamored by other things,
Things that only the soul can see,
Things that only your soulmate can smell,
Things that only a soulmate can feel,
And maybe that’s why the things I perceive to be real aren’t fraudulent,
But honest, because we speak a language only few understand,
No words are needed to be spoken,
But still we dance until the last key is stroked on the piano,
And only then we part ways,
And I have to sit from afar,
Appreciating you for who you are,
Even when nobody else will ever understand how amazing you truly are.

8 thoughts on “You’re Amazing

  1. Beautiful and deep as always!!! I enjoy reading your writings bc it gives us a peek into the inner workings of your soul…making that experience even more life changing & amazing ! Love this🖤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It means a lot to know that. Sometimes I just be writing and letting the words flow and these things happen so I’m happy to be able to reach others. It makes me want to continue to write these.


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