Winning Isn’t Winning

I could win without you, but it’s nothing like winning with you
Seeing your face light up at the small accomplishments make me look forward to the much larger achievements
It’s like you see things on a much larger scale
A scale many of us won’t ever understand
A scale that has chords maybe only we can hear
It’s a tempo only we can move to effortlessly without missing a step
It’s why I enjoy this dance with you
You move graciously
It’s no leader, just two bodies moving as one
Which isn’t unique but for two damaged souls it’s different
It’s unique to us
And the new challenges us because we are so used to knowing
The unknown scares us but we proceed toward it
Panning in and out like cameras in horror movies
Getting closer to what frightens us
But also to facing it
Cause that’s only going to lead to our happiness
Or at least that’s what they say our happiness is
Or at least what it should be
But if that means we are winning
I would want nothing more than to win with you than without you

6 thoughts on “Winning Isn’t Winning

  1. Another beautiful writing! I enjoy them bc you get so in depth with your words and take it to another level beyond us. Also funny because the partner you speak about is exactly who I try to be yet others don’t fully appreciate it or can comprehend my actions/feelings….enjoyed very much!

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    1. I always appreciate you reading. It means alot. What’s funny to me as I read back on my poems after posting them I realize that I have yet to meet this person. It’s just a vision for who I’d love to be with. They said manifest it so I’m looking to manifest my vision thru my writing. So maybe I get lucky, maybe not. I just know I’m prepared for the opportunity when it comes. Lol.


    1. No problem. And feel free to share. I’ll even make you a graphic if ever needed. Just hit my Twitter. Lol


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