I’ve Always Wanted You

I’ve always wanted you

Long before I glimpsed your dimpled smile

Your dark brown eyes

Your wild untamed mane

You’re perfect complexion and the voice that can make angels in heaven jealous

I’ve always wanted you

Having you was the best part of my life

It made me smile when there wasn’t anything to be happy about

It made me look forward to a future that didn’t look as bright

It made me long for another humans touch

But I’ve always wanted you

Because I’ve never truly had you

I never had the chance to show you the things I said were for real

I never got to show you that I truly loved you for you

I never got to be the man I wanted to be

That’s why I know I will always want you

That’s why I ask you to protect my heart

Because it belongs to you

And I don’t want to damage it when you’re finally ready for it

6 thoughts on “I’ve Always Wanted You

  1. This was beautifully written and very genuine. It gave a very personal vibe as well! I hope the person it was intended for gets to read this! Great work ☺️


    1. Maybe, who knows lol. I just hope someone that’s going thru the same feeling knows they aren’t alone in the process. That’s who I write for.


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