Why I Love You So Much : My Love Letter To Hip Hop

It’s a reason I go so hard for you. You’ve showed me true love and that’s all I’ve asked for.

It hasn’t always been perfect but if it was, would I have learned anything? Those imperfect times showed me true love. It showed me you were real and wasn’t afraid to hide your flaws.

I love you because you taught me what I hate. And yeah hate is a strong word but because you taught me love I can honestly tell you, I’ve experienced the opposite. I know what it is to be loved, so I don’t just take what’s given to me. I won’t settle, because of you.

I love you because you’ve made me more ambitious than I would have been had we never met.

I love you because you embraced my struggle and allowed me to vent. Gave me the floor so I can express my unbiased opinion. I don’t know if my wall would have ever came down but because of you, nobody else has to scale a fence to reach me.

You’ve broken my heart on countless occasions but I can’t leave you alone. It’s not our relationship is toxic, I just don’t believe anybody understands how we feel about each other.

I love you because when I felt I had no one that understood me, you did. You told me to keep my head up and and when I was slipping and falling you helped me get back up.

For that I thank you because if it wasn’t for you, I’m not sure where I’ll be. You truly saved my life.


Thank you for loving me back.

Published by Kareem Gaynor

Kareem Gaynor was born and partially raised in New York City. Writing is his side chick, cause music is his love. You can follow his antics on Twitter @aguynamedREMO. Like a pic on IG if you're free @presremo.media

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