R-E-L-A-X… Let Scott Work.

So the news broke that All-Star big man Kristap Porzingis wasn’t offered an extension when the deadline passed on October 15th and most Knicks fans (and haters) are scratching their heads.

With seeing deals like Myles Turner‘s 4 year, $80 million dollar deal with Indiana, people expected the Latvian to get something similar.

But General Manager Scott Perry is cooking something up for the summer of 2019 and like most Knicks fans, I’m ready to feast!

Although, New York remains one of the prime markets in the country, we haven’t been able to attract marquee free agents in recent years like Lebron James. This summer looks to be much different.

With the likes of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson and Jimmy Butler all becoming free agents, as well as Kawhi Leonard, New York at least will have the money to attract a conversation with at least one.

The non-signing of Porzingis is smart when looking at it from a front office aspect. Perry has positioned us with an extra 10 million with the decision to wait until the summer to extend him.

Regardless if we strike out or not with the big names, Porzingis who is coming off an ACL tear and may be out the year with the Knicks not figuring to be close to the playoffs, will be back in orange and blue.

So my suggestion to Knicks fan is to relax. Scott Perry has been making moves to better a franchise that’s been a laughing stock in the NBA the past couple years. The future is bright with the drafting of Kevin Knox this year and Frank Ntilikina last year.

Getting a healthy Kristaps back, either this year or next, will only add to the talent we are acquiring.

So, regardless if it’s a good year or terrible one, I believe you let Scott work. It’ll be a cold winter but it may be a great summer if it all works out.

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