I’m Looking Forward To The Spring Again… But I’m Hopeful.

It’s October and around this time things become quite festive. Decorations come out of the closet and little by little you start to see the houses lined up around the neighborhood getting in the spirit of the holidays.

But for Knicks fans, this begins the long, dreadful winter to the lottery and another lost season.

Since Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks to the playoffs five years ago, it has felt like forever since we as a fanbase last experience playoff basketball in Madison Square Garden.

This year won’t be much different. But I do hope it is.

Meaningful games in April turns The Garden into The Coliseum in Rome during the gladiator days. You hear the roar of the crowd and the excitement sends a certain energy throughout the building.

With our centerpiece Kristap Porzingis returning from an ACL tear, this year isn’t a ‘playoff year’ but a more familiar path straight to the lottery.

But with the addition of former Kentucky wing Kevin Knox now in the fold, if ‘Porzingod’ decides to reup with New York in the summer, he has a player to grow with and can possibly become a number two.

French PG Frank Ntilikina must step up and become a two guard and his offense is what needs the work. He showed last year flashes of a great offensive skill set so hopefully we see more of it.

This isn’t a make or break year for us, we are still rebuilding. But with the season beginning, is it bad that I’m already looking for the spring when the lottery could finally be good to us like it did when it blessed us with Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing?

Only time will tell.

Until then we have 82 nights to scream at whatever device chosen to watch our beloved Knicks on.

And watch we will. But we will also groan. We will also complain. We will also fight the will to throw the television through the living room window.

But we will win again.

New York needs it.

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