Hit The Road… Joakim

Somewhere, I hear screams of excitement coming from apartments along Madison Ave. Cabs are honking their horns as if we are celebrating a NBA Finals victory.

But no, we haven’t won our first chip since 1973. But as a Knicks fan, I’ve learned to celebrate the small wins in life.

Last year it was the firing of Hall of Fame coach and Hall of Shame general manager Phil Jackson. Then, we shipped off disgruntled star Carmelo Anthony to Oklahoma City and watched as Kristap Porzingis morphed into ‘Porzingod’ right before our eyes.

Then January came and Porzingis crumpled to the floor with a torn ACL that took the wind and excitement out of The Garden as quick as it took him to hit the canvas.

But with fresh life in the front office, several moves made by the previous GM was eradicated and finally we as Knicks fans can breathe again, a little at least.

Joakim Noah is a New York kid, but by time he arrived in The Garden wearing orange and blue, his career was already on a steep decline. In 2014, Noah was the defensive player of the year and by 2017 he was relegated to wearing suits at the end of the bench.

Paying 72 million for a declining Jo was the type of moves that seen Phil pack his bags and start heading to his ranch in Montana. Now, Joakim follows and it’s the last of the Phil Jackson Era’s players, unless we include Porzingis and Courtney Lee.

But with Joakim’s cap number off the books, it opens up room for General Manager Scott Perry to potential find a max level player to pair with Porzingis once he’s 100% healthy.

But for now, it’s a small victory. So I celebrate and sing ‘Hit The Road Jack‘ by the late, great Ray Charles. I’ll just change the ‘Jack’ to ‘Jo’ or ‘Joakim’ and it is still music to my ears.

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