Dear You: Kanye Is Going To Kanye, But How Long Are We Supposed To Allow It?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or preoccupied with normal activities like living life, you may have read or heard the most recent things rapper Kanye West has said to the media as of late.

He started the year with comments that didn’t fair so well with The Culture when he implied on TMZ that slavery was a choice.

Aside from that, the Chicago native has been spotted wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hats at different venues in probably one of the greatest trolls jobs ever by an entertainer.

Now, after living in Calabasas for the last few years, Kanye has relocated back to the Chicago area in hope of bringing change to the community.

But the question I have, and I’m sure many others as well have is, ‘Why now and what’s the motivation behind it?

After all the comments Kanye has made to support current President Donald Trump, why do we believe this isn’t just a ploy to get the African-American community back on his side to sell a couple CDs and shoes?

Just this past weekend on SNL, what was described as a hostage situation, Kanye went into a long rant that was cut off by NBC but seen via Instagram and Snapchat stories.

During that rant, he mentioned how we need to ‘leave that man alone‘ referring to the President and how he was bullied backstage not to come out wearing the MAGA hat that he has proudly sported around.

But if the man that made The College Dropout and Graduation is somehow still that guy, we as fans and as a culture don’t see it. He went from doing songs with Talib Kwali and Slum Village to appearing on collabs with Lil’ Pump.

A release date for his new project Yandhi came and went with no music besides the mentioned feature with the ‘Gucci Gang‘ artist, ‘I Love It‘. But another sitdown with TMZ appeared where he tried to explain his comments from his SNL rant over the weekend.

In that interview he went on to say the 13th amendment should be abolished but went on to say he misspoke and meant ammend.

It is obvious at this point in his career that the ‘Old Kanye‘ isn’t coming back, so if we continue to support this guy, we will continue to hear his comments that are always misspoke or use of the wrong language.

But when do we as a culture begin to realize that this is Kanye West. That this is who he may have been for awhile but we didn’t see it or didn’t want to. We may never get a ‘Jesus Walks from him again, so are we going to continue to allow his comments to be taking as a punchline or a meme?

Kanye is going to Kanye, and it’s up to us to let him do that. But not when it comes with a deduction in your available funds at your bank tho. Maybe he really wants to help change Chicago, but he can’t do it making the comments he’s making and trolling us with the MAGA hat.

Maybe one day the Kanye from 2008 returns, but then again we gotta remember he did tell us once ‘everything I’m not, makes me everything I am

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