Dear You: It Was All Good Just A Week Ago


Whoever you are.

It’s funny how 7 days can change / you was a standup nigga, now you sit down to aim’ JAY Z ‘It Was All Good Just A Week Ago’

People change, I get it. But drastic changes cause people to question how real has it been from the jump.

I don’t like to question things, so I avoid situations that I may have to question. Simple as that. But you gotta question people’s realness everyday and it is quite unfortunate.

It’s sad we live in a world we respect our enemies more because at least their coming at you straight up. They let you know they don’t like you and it is what it is from there. But it’s those people who claim they care when in reality, you can’t call it. You just don’t see it.

That made JAY Z’s record from ‘Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life‘ enter my mind. That song was ‘It Was All Good Just A Week Ago‘.

Hov rapped a story about how a friend getting pinched by the police can turn on his friend and business associate from a 7 day standpoint.

Its relatable to life and what we may go thru, though not in that exact situation. Friends become rivals, lovers become exes, shoot, it happens. It’s the unexpectedness of it all that cause people to bitter.

I mean, I’m one of them. But my faith tells me to forgive, so that I could be forgiven. Life tells me to learn from every lesson and be cautious. That’s what I pass on to you as advice.

Words are words, actions are actions and learning how to respond to both goes a long way.

So if You Happen To Read This know that, just because people change doesn’t mean you have to. Knowing when to change though is half the battle.

To think it was all good just a week ago.

Kareem Robinson


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