Dear You: ‘Who Am I?’

Juelz Santana asked a question on the beginning of a track of The Diplomats debut album ‘Diplomatic Immunity‘ and it was rather simple. He asked ‘Who are you?’, and today as I wasn’t listening it made me ask myself that very question.


Santana said on his opening verse:

I see ghost in my sleep / its real, I need to wake up just to know I was sleep – Juelz Santana, Who I Am, Diplomatic Immunity

And like they say nowadays on Twitter, ‘I felt that.

I’ve been there where I’ve been so lost in thought that literally I wake up, not realizing I ever even fell asleep. Sitting wondering, ‘what’s next’, or wondering is the road your on the right to one to be traveling on.

The road I’m traveling on isn’t on one where I know where it’s leading me, but it’s a road I’ll continue to travel on. When I created this blog it was a way for me to express my love of music, thru my love of writing. Note: I may copywrite that, so don’t steal it, dammit. 

As I continue to learn the person I am today in my old dinosaur years, I’ve come to realize that’s all I’ve ever been since I was a pre-teen listening to artist kids these days never even heard of, I’ve always been a writer that had a passion for music. Creating this blog wasn’t something I put much thought into, I went with my gut.

It started as a place to express life from my point of view which turns out to be different than most, and its where I realized that I actually listen to music that I can relate to on a personal level so why not intertwine them.  At the time, I was being who I was, without noticing I was being who I was. 

It’s been a rough week, where I was skeptical on which road to travel on. Reporting news on Hip Hop is something I enjoy doing. Reviewing the newest and latest music and debating it is who I’ve been since lunchroom arguments over JAY Z or Nas.

Music is who I amand writing about it is what I love to do. So enjoy, I do this for y’all too.


Kareem Robinson



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