The Moment Twitter Found Out Bobby Brown and Janet Jackson Had A Thing.

September 4th will go down as one of the more memorable moments in Twitter history.

BET aired the first episode of ‘The Bobby Brown‘ story and revealed some things that some people on Twitter didn’t know. One particular thing was that Bobby Brown and Janet Jackson had an intimate relationship.

When Twitter got ahold of that information, things got funny real quick:

Valid Point.

Janet doesn’t know what Hot Cheetos are, I doubt she watches BET.

We will never win as men. Smh.

Janet wasn’t safe either:

You gotta love Twitter sometimes.

Watch Episode 2 of ‘The Bobby Brown Story‘ tomorrow night on BET at 9PM ET.

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  1. Empire BBK says:

    Def wasn’t aware that Bobby had a relationship with Janet. I’m surprised Janet ok’d it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. K. Robinson, Writer says:

      I knew from reading different articles over the years. But I never would think Janet would okay it being out there like this.


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