Top Ten: It’s #BeyDay!

September 4th is known as #BeyDay and the BeyHive is out in full force today to show their Queen some love on her birthday.

We at You’re Not Going To Read This have compiled our favorite Beyonce songs and listed them in a special Top Ten. So here we go:


7/11 – Beyonce

This song was released in 2014 off of Beyonce’s self-titled album, ‘Beyonce‘. The visuals for this song plus the instrumental is what got this song in the Top Ten among other songs that others may feel should be here. It’s a trap-infused song with Bey rapping the vocals to the song instead of singing as per her norm in those days. She looked like she had an amazing time making this song, and it’s definitely a song that represents where Bey was going with her music.


Party – Beyonce f. Andre 3000

Bey enlisted the help of Outkast member Andre 3000 for the album version of this song. J Cole was in the video version of the song but regardless this is one of my favorite Beyonce cuts. The production was amazing, handled by Bey herself and Kanye West and 3 Stacks gave us a memorable and incredible verse. This is definitely a song we’ll be hearing in our later years during a BBQ in the summer times with the family around.


Best Thing I Never Had – Beyonce

In what most consider a sequel to Beyonce’s smash hit ‘Irreplaceable‘ this record was a bit more uptempo where we seen Bey really thank the man who hurt her the most. This song was written amazingly and the production on it was elegant and well put together as Bey sings to her ex that didn’t make the cut. Simple, subtle lines like ‘it sucks to be you right now‘ and ‘I’m so over you, baby good-looking out‘ are reasons I love this song so much. Blame the fact that I love sarcasm.


Partition – Beyonce

Now, ‘Yonce’ was all on my mouth like liqour after hearing this record. The beat is amazing and the words of the song are dope. The fact that this record is basically two songs in one is what makes me love this song the most. It’s basically a movie in itself in my opinion and the accompanying video will prove that last line true. It’s one of Bey’s most put together songs and it’s gonna be a party record for a few years as long as the DJ is good at what he do.


Get Me Bodied – Beyonce

Now, if you’ve never been in a club when this song comes on then you definitely was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. This song turns club into a dance off between the females especially with the dance instructions towards the end of the song. The production is amazing and handled by Swizz Beats and really gets the clubs going when it drops. In honor of the Queen’s birthday, this song had to make the list.


Sorry – Beyonce

Except for ‘Irreplaceable‘, it seems as if I love Beyonce’s break-up songs don’t it. But if you’ve ever ended a relationship, regardless of sex, this has definitely been a whole mood in itself. Especially, when she says ‘I ain’t thinking about you‘ then breaks into the chant ‘middle fingers up, hold your hands high, put it in his face, tell that boy bye‘. And of course, it gave us the memorable line ‘you better call Becky with the good hair‘ that increased the speculation of what we found out to be infidelity within her marriage with rapper JAY Z.


Drunk In Love – Beyonce f. JAY Z

Now, I don’t know too many people in America who doesn’t know this song and if you don’t then well… I don’t know. But regardless, this song is amazing from the lyrics to the production to the featured verse by her husband, JAY Z. With memorable lines like the ‘surfbort’ line among many others, this song will forever be etched in my brain thanks to Bey’s performance at Coachella where she had the band do the ‘Swag Surf’ to this song before it transitioned out.


Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) – Beyonce

There was a time in life where I hated this song. Why you ask? Cause I am a man who have heard a 100,000 times by females I was interested in that ‘if I liked it, I should have put a ring on it‘. Ugh, the life of a man in the early 2000s, lol. But take that aspect, it was well written with a memorable hook that gets the ladies going in the club or any venue it’s dropped. The accompanying music video just put it all into perspective for others as well as myself. So fellas, make sure if you like her, you put a ring on it or forever hear how you didn’t.


Halo – Beyonce

This song is 10 years old and every time I hear it, it amazes me. Every. Single. Time. Her voice is so angelic and it’s what made me fall in love with her voice for the first time. It’s amazing written and produced perfectly to fit with the mood of the song. It’s one of those songs that gets better with age like fine wine and it’s why it made the number two spot over a host of other songs people may feel is more deserved.


Formation – Beyonce

As I got to this song, my first thought was ‘you thought you wasn’t gonna see me?‘. And that’s exactly how I feel. It may not be Bey’s best song for a number of reasons, but this song changed a landscape after its release. Her performance of it at the Super Bowl just further solidified the impact of the record. But really if you’ve never seen the line ‘okay, ladies let’s get in formation‘ then you’re on the wrong media platforms or possibly following the wrong people. But ‘Formation’ is one of those generational songs that will get play years from now from the DJs to Band Directors to your granny playing it in the kitchen while she’s making dinner on Sundays. Unless, you’re that granny.

Now that’s our Top Ten of our favorite Beyonce songs, if you feel we missed anything, comment below but while you’re here enjoy Beyonce’s Essentials playlist on Tidal:

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