Underrated or Overrated: Jadakiss

You’re Probably Not Going To Read This but is Jadakiss one of the best that’s slept on or is he getting too much props for nothing?

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Now depending when you were born and when you started listening to Hip Hop, you may have heard of Jadakiss. The raspy voiced lyrcist has been giving ‘the game’ bars of metaphors since he entered the game with his partners Styles P and Sheek Louch to form the group The LOX in 1994.

Then game his ‘Hello To The Game’ verse on ‘It’s All About The Benjimans‘ crew song with his then Bad Boy label mates. With bars like ‘we see through, that’s why nobody gone believe you / you should do what we do, stack chips like Hebrews / don’t let the melody intrigue you, cause I leave you / I’m only here for the green paper with the eagle ‘ we knew he’d have staying power, but how much?

Kiss and The Lox would struggle to be themselves on the Bad Boy Records due to creative control being in the hands of Sean Combs. Editor’s Note: You can choose the AKA for this particular story. Leading to the ‘Free The Lox’ campaign that helped secure their release from Bad Boy Records and then eventually sign with the local collective Ruff Ryders Entertainment.

It was on Ruff Ryders, where Jadakiss began to grow as an artist lyrically. On the groups second album, Jada had a solo track on there called ‘Blood Pressure‘ where he began to stake his claim for the title with lines like, ‘who really the best rapper since BIG ain’t here / Ya know the answer to that when Kiss ain’t here.‘ He’d continue to pretty much let the world know that he is one of the best and shouldn’t be looked at otherwise.

But due to an unsuccessful solo career with albums, Kiss Tha Game Goodbye, Kiss of Death, The Last Kiss and many others, he isn’t looked at as one of the best and in my opinion he should.

Add his mixtape efforts and Jadakiss has been giving us, outstanding material now for 14 years. His mixtape series ‘The Champ Is Here‘ was one of the biggest selling tapes at the time when mixtapes where still relevant. It reached Silver level on mixtape site Datpiff and those streams don’t count the individual tapes that we’re sold across the country in music shops.


I feel respect should be given where it’s due and Jadakiss deserves his share. It’s why it’s not looked down on when he names his album ‘Top 5 Dead or Alive‘ because in many circles people believe it. Without an unsuccessful solo career as previously mentioned, he hasn’t gotten his just due.

Top 5, dead or alive may be a stretch. But is Jadakiss underrated? The answer is a resounding yes. But that’s one man’s opinion and You’re Probably Not Going To Read This anyway.

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