Review: Slime Language – Young Thug

Released: August 17, 2018

Label: Young Stoner Life Records / 300 Records

Rating: Basura – No Replay Value. If It was a meme for this, picture a burning trash can. 


You’re Probably Not Going To Read This but if you do and are a Young Thug fan, you’ll probably stop reading after this.

Slime Language is an album that could have been released as a mixtape, but with how the music industry is now, it was released as a compilation album with his label mates Young Stoner Life Records.


Now I went into this process with an open mind, knowing I have a hard time understanding Thugger at times. I even used Genius to get me through most of the songs in hopes I’d find a quotable record, but no. It’s safe to say, I was highly underwhelmed by this offering.

The production throughout was amazing to say the least. Executive Produced by Wheezy and London On The Track, the beat choices was dope for the ear. Producer Keyyz was all over the album being a credited producer on at least 5 songs and he didn’t disappoint.


Gunna, a new artist that’s been getting much traction lately, assisted on many of the album’s songs but didn’t have any standout lines that made me want to rewind the song or even the verse to make sure I catch a line.

The album featured artist such as Lil Uzi VertJacqueez and Lil Baby and they couldn’t drag it across the finish line. Lil Baby’s verse on ‘Chanel (Go Get It)‘ was probably maybe the best verse on the entire album, although Lil Duke of YSL had a couple standout moments.

This is definitely a preference album. If you are a fan of Thugger, you’d probably support this and tell everyone who doesn’t like it that they don’t know music, but if we are being honest with ourselves, I’ve heard better from Thug on earlier projects. Then again though, You’re Probably Not Going To Read This anyway.

Stream Young Thug & Young Stoner Life Records’ Slime Language here:



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