What About Your Friends?

You’re Probably Not Going To Read This but I have a real question, do you really know who your friends are?

This morning as I was listening to music to clear my thoughts, a song came on my shuffle and it was a song I don’t listen to often but gets me every time I listen to it. There’s a song by the group TLC called ‘What About Your Friends‘ that questions do you truly know your friends.

images (1).jpeg

I can say sometimes I do and at the other times I do choose the wrong people as friends and I’m sure it’s something we all can relate to.

The hook goes:

What about your friends / will they stand their ground / will they let you down again / what about your friends / will they be low down / will they ever be around / or would they turn their backs on you – TLC

It had me questioning the people I choose to allow to enter my life. Due to the life I lived, I bounced around alot and don’t have many ‘Day One’ friends because of it. So throughout time and moves I’ve accumulated a decent amount of associates and friends.

The definition of friend, stated by Webster, is:

a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.

If I went by this definition then I may have a few friends, but not many, maybe a handful at most. I always looked at friends as people that I spend quality time with and who I look at in times of inspiration. But do I believe the mutual affection is there, not always, but I still call them friends and it’s probably one of my many mistakes I’ve made thru life.

When you really matter to someone.jpg

I know in my heart, some people wouldn’t have ever spoke to me if I wasn’t able to do something for them that brought the friendship or association together. Then there is some people who I’ve never done anything for that always has my well being in their minds. They call just to check up on me, they send me information to further my career and actually support me in whatever endeavors I chose to pursue.

Those are the actual friends I need in my life, not friends that switch up on you when their days aren’t going the way they want them too. Those same friends, well associates won’t even click or share a link while you’re promoting your career endeavors. Those same people won’t care about your well being until your gone and then use the line ‘ man, he/she was one of my closest friends and I’m gonna miss them.’ But what about missing them while they are still here, kicking, breathing and asking for your support.

I read all the time about how people switched on them when they made it to where they wanted to go, but did you ever consider that you may have switched on them? That when they needed the moral support the most, you weren’t there? That when times was roughest and they only needed someone to check in on them, you couldn’t send a message or make a phone call?

So today I ask you just to do a favor for me. There is a friend that you haven’t called in awhile, maybe its because life has just got hectic and maybe time hasn’t allowed it. They are waiting for your call. They have been waiting for your call and they are probably currently questioning who cares about them and if it’s you, reach out.

But then again, You’re Probably Not Going To Read This anyway. But if you do read this, your friend is waiting to hear from you.

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