Flashback Friday: Top 10 Favorite Songs of 1999

You’re Probably Not Going To Read This but 1999 was an amazing year for Hip-Hop & R&B.

Whether you was trying to get ‘Too Close‘ to the one of your companions from the opposite sex or was trying to be ‘Nice & Slow‘ with them, this was the year to do it. I’ll gonna drop here my Top 10 Favorite Songs of 1999.


Back That Azz Up – Juvenile f/ Mannie Fresh & Lil Wayne

Picture This. The Year is 2030. There’s a party going on celebrating someone graduating from college. Juvenile’s ‘Back That A** Up‘ comes on and everyone immediately reports to the dance floor. In 1999, when this song dropped, who would have guessed it would still be as amazing today as the first time I heard it. With the production from Mannie Fresh and a small feature from a teenage Lil Wayne, Juve had a hit that banged from New Orleans to New York to Los Angeles and down in Houston.


Hate Me Now – Nas f/ P. Diddy

Producer’s Poke and Tone gave Nas a gem when he was blessed with the ‘Hate Me Now’ beat. The production was fire and Nas lyrically murdered the track with rugged bars like ‘ try sticking me up / and I flipped on these ducks / instead of me / ambulances was picking them up.’ Then you had Puff Daddy ( aka Diddy ) talking his shit after each record just hyping us up to get towards the hook which he also somewhat applied his vocals on. Just an amazing song, from productions to lyrics had Nas a top record for the year 1999.


Quiet Storm (Remix) – Mobb Deep f/ Lil Kim

This song should be higher on the list but 1999 had so many amazing songs. With one of Lil’ Kim’s best guest features ever, Prodigy and Havoc dropped one of the top songs of the year with ‘Quiet Storm (Remix)‘. From Havoc’s opening verse to Lil’ Kim’s fiesty second to Prodigy’s closing arguments this had the great Hip Hop song vibe from the opening intro. Yeah, I’m gonna regret making it number 8 later, but it’s my list. *shrugs* #RIPProdigy


All N My Grill – Missy Elliot 

With the amazing production by none other than Timberland, Missy Elliot had another one of her many hit records. I could have filled this slot with any of her records, but it was the beat for this one that had me head knocking out of my CD player. With an amazing pen, Missy wrote a hell of a song to match Mr. Mosley’s energy with the production.


No Pigeons – Sporty Thievz

No Scrubs‘ by TLC rubbed a lot of men the wrong way and Sporty Thievz decided to take matters into their own hands. Using the instrumental from the original song, they recreated a male version of the song and dissed the women that are financially unable to supply nice things from themselves. Editor’s Note: I know I could have said broke but *shrugs* it’s my blog remember. LOL. 


Tell Me It’s Real – K-Ci & JoJo

I guess this is where I touch my ‘feelings’ right. So at 13 years old, I had no idea what love was but this song was amazing. K-Ci & JoJo put some amazing vocals to nice smooth production by Rory Bennett and the rest was history. One of their many hit records as a duo and the group as part of Jodeci. 


Angel of Mine – Monica

Guess y’all starting to realize I really enjoy 90’s R&B music, huh?  But I somehow got Monica’s ‘The Boy Is Mine’ for Christmas in 98/99 and realized this was one of my favorite records on the album. Had me singing about the love I didn’t have and everything. But with this record, we knew Monica would be around for a while. That voice over the production was perfect and it was a beautifully crafted song.


Love Me – 112 f/ Ma$e

112 being one of my favorite groups of all time, the entered the top 3 for this year with the record ‘Love Me’. I probably played this song on repeat rapping Ma$e’s verse with the remote control as if I was throwing a concert in my room. Leslie Brathwaite provided the production and 112 did what they did best. Add the verse by Ma$e and the Bad Boy formula worked again.


Satisfy You – Puff Daddy f/ R. Kelly

It was hard putting this record due to the guest feature but it was one of my favorite songs of ’99 and actually grabbed the number 2 spot for me. Puff had a variety of hits with his Bad Boy team and this was one of them. With great production and a nice hook, Diddy was showing nobody was gonna hold him down.


Can I Get A… – JAY Z f/ Ja Rule & Amil

JAY Z gets the number one spot for ’99 cause he made me bounce with him and I haven’t stopped since. With an amazing guest verse from Ja Rule and dope production by Irv Gotti this one had clubs bouncing all over the country.


Now thanks for enjoying my favorite songs of 1999. Comment below your favorite song in whatever genre it is.

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