You Never Gone Be Happy Til You Love Yours

Heart beating fast let a nigga know that he alive – J Cole

You’re Probably Not Going To Read This but I still sometimes feel being broke is better. If you take the time to read this you’ll understand why.

I grew up poor. No wait, I take that back, I grew up ‘extra poor’. Bouncing from home to home accepting what I received and never asking for more could accurately depict my childhood when it came to finances.

As a kid, I never looked at money like a necessity because I found the joys in life of being a kid. I was the kid always at the park or on the basketball courts. I was the kid you couldn’t beat in connect four in the rec center. I enjoyed my youth to say the least.

As I aged, again, money was never a focal point for me. Throughout high school, I wasn’t the cleanest person to walk the halls, but I knew I was the most genuine. I knew if I called you my friend, I’d go thru hell and hot water for you.

But as I became an adult, money became a necessity. It caused me to hate life and do things I swore I’d never do to get it. I watched women pass me up cause I didn’t look the part even tho I knew I could play it.

So when J Cole realized 2014 Forest Hills Drive it was one song that stuck out the most for me. ‘Love Yourz‘ was that track that helped me regain the feelings I had as a youth.

Cole started the record by saying something we all needed to hear in the age of social media. He said:

There’s no such thing as a life that’s better then yours

I felt that in my soul as the beat played and his words entered my body. I used to look at other people’s post and wish I could do those things or be with that woman or whatever the case may have been.

It caused me to be envious of people and jealous that their situations were much better then mine. It may have brought animosity and friction between my friends that had the life that I wanted and maybe why some of those friends are no longer in my life today.

But after hearing that song, I realized I needed to appreciate what was in front of me and not what I didn’t have. I didn’t have a huge home but the people who welcomed me in their small apartment in New York loved me for who I was and not for what I had.

I learned to start appreciating the people GOD placed in my life. I started to appreciate the woman that GOD placed in front of me and stopped looking at the IG models or the more beautiful women on social media.

So, regardless what you’re going thru in life and regardless how hard it gets, just simply love your life. Don’t worry about what you don’t have, but appreciate the things you do. Cherish the moments you spend with loved ones even tho you’d rather be turned up in Miami on a beach with a drink.

But You’re Probably Not Going To Read This anyway.

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