I Wish I Could Buy Me A Spaceship…

You’re Probably Not Going To Read This but I’m sure we’ve all been here before. Been at the point in our lives where just clocking in to work is a mission in itself. I’m sure we all dreamed of ourselves in a different position and when Kanye West released ‘Spaceship‘ off of ‘The College Dropout’ I finally found my escape.


The song which features GLC and Consequence, is a song we may have all heard but never really saw the correlation to our own lives. The hook goes:

I’ve been working this grave shift, and I ain’t made shit, I wish I could, buy me a spaceship and fly, past the sky – Kanye West of off ‘Spaceship‘ from the The College Dropout


I mean, I’m not sure about you, but I’ve literally watched the clock for hours just waiting until it reached quitting time. I’ve literally sung this song walking thru a warehouse just to motivate myself to keep slinging them boxes on that pallet. So I’m thankful to Mr. West for this song because it related to my life on so many different levels.

Even on the verse where Kanye said:

If my manager insults me again, I will be assaulting him, after I fuck the manager up, Then I’m gonna shorten the register up – Kanye West

I’ve literally been there.


So upset with my manager’s stupidity, I’ve felt the urge to physically assault him for being so stupid and insulting my intelligence as a human being. I’m not sure if you’ve ever reached that level of anger but man, it’s not the best when trying to avoid workplace violence.

But thanks to this song from ‘The College Dropout‘ which to some is Top 2 in Kanye’s discography, I found a way to release my frustrations with my manager by just channeling this song and allowing it to be my ‘woosah‘ or ‘hakuna matata‘.

I’m happy to say that I was able to quit that job and move on to better endeavors in life. But in case you happen to read this, here’s a song to get you thru the work day. Then again, You’re Probably Not Going To Read This. 

Comment below any songs that help you get thru the long work days that motivate you to keep going when you rather just quit. 

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