Support Your Friends!

You’re Probably Not Going To Read This but it’s okay, I kind of wrote it for myself.

I hear people say often how ‘it’s not always going to be like this’ but from my experience it has so all I can think is that it will. Even on my best days, when I’m feeling superhuman, I’m still overcome with doubt. It’s not that I’m afraid of failure, it’s just I’m more afraid of success and what comes with it.

For so many years, I’ve made it thru life just being me. People have loved or hated me for it and I knew where I stood most times amongst the people that I decided to let in my world. With success tho, people who would have never been seen sitting at the same lunch table as you will start coming around playing the ‘friend card’.

I understand why Drake said he’d like ‘No New Friends’ cause when you reach certain heights everybody wants to be your friend. Everybody wants a piece of the pie once it’s done baking, but who actually supports the process the Baker goes thru go make the pie delicious when consumed. Not many, and that’s where my fear comes in.

I’ve never had a lot of friends or even family for that matter. Not too many people reach out to check on my well being and sometimes it bothers me to where I’m falling apart on the inside. I know that once things begin to take off, I know friends and family will come out the woodwork talking about how they always believed.

Those same people that believe never clicked a link or shared a post tho, so how can you actually believe in what I do, when you can’t do simple things like support.

People should support their friends and partners and family members in whatever their dreams are. It doesn’t matter if the dream is just to open a grocery store in the local neighborhood, support goes a long way to building the confidence to make people believe they can turn their dreams into reality.

We all want to win and eventually we get there but then again You’re Probably Not Going To Read This.

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