You Are Enough

You’re Probably Not Going To Read This but you’re enough. I know sometimes it feels as if you aren’t but you are.

Life is a balance beam and sometimes you fall off. The only difference is life doesn’t always have those nice pads to fall on and feel like you’re okay. That’s fine tho, cause after you brush the dust off and get back up, the beam is still there.

Life sometimes is like a winding road that you’re traveling on at night. You don’t always see the obstacles or the twist and turns but I promise you’ll make it to your destination. Just don’t give up when the roads about to end.

Then again, maybe Life is more like a grab bag. You always expect the best but you never truly know what you’re getting. But shouldn’t you be able to be happy with what you receive?

Basically what I’m saying is life is life and no matter how difficult it is, you have to live it. So don’t ever think you aren’t enough because you are.

You may not see it today but it’ll reveal itself in due time. But then again, You’re Probably Not Going To Read This Anyway.

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