It’s The Days Like This…

It’s the days like this that I tend to look back on yesterday’s and reminisce. I believe it’s the cause of too much time on my hands but it’s time that I usually say I need. But it takes me back to the times when I was probably 6 maybe 7 where responsibility wasn’t a word that I knew anything of.

Being responsible wasn’t an inherited gene for me, ask anyone who knows me, but it was a trait that I learned along the way thru my story. But at the time, I didn’t care about nothing, I mean nada, not a thing besides basketball and that fine girl from the rec center with the long hair and perfect edges. Now that I think of it, that girl probably ruined me cause now I won’t even talk to a girl if her edges ain’t together. That’s a hard no, hate me or love me, but sorry, not really sorry.

It was these times tho, in Coney Island, Brooklyn where I started to learn who I was. Like any kid I was in to sports, video games and girls with bamboo earrings. Maybe not everyone, but that was surely me. I was trying to balance that part of my life and still to this day I try. I can talk sports all day, throw you stats and numbers and fact check you. But I’d rather read the box scores then watch ESPN in my humbled opinion. I was a nerd, what you would call a sports junkie that would read the sports almanacs cause I had nothing to do.

This was at 6 or 7 might I add. I should be playing tag but I was talking stat lines with the older guys slinging drugs. Did I know then that’s what they were doing? Of course not, but did it stop me from having those conversations, not at all. Then it was her, whatever she was doing I was trying to do and do it well enough to get her attention. But I was tar baby of molasses so getting her attention was gonna be a long shot. Especially when you’re growing up in the same projects as Sebastian Telfair, cousin of Lincoln High School star Stephon Marbury who just committed to Georgia Tech to play ball. Nope, wasn’t gonna happen.

But still, that’s when I learned a little about who I may grow up to be. But I didn’t see it then, I was too busy putting bugs in the girl’s hair for ignoring me. They didn’t know that I was trying to flirt, they just knew I was the kid that always kept a bean shooter and played with the bugs. But I know now, I just wanted to be liked, maybe included. I wanted to play house sometime or be looked for in manhunt. To think I’ve rarely been caught is one of my greater accomplishments in my younger life, of course until I realized they just forgot I existed. Go figure.

But the goal was winning right and I can say I’ve done that many times. But who knew that I wanted so much more tho, I wanted to be what I saw on TV and read in those books. But who knew that one day I’d write my own story cause they didn’t teach that in elementary school.

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