Guess This Is Where I Tell My Story Right?

Water is hitting the window pane as I look out at the cars in a rush to go nowhere. It’s New York City traffic, it moves at an ants pace but eventually reaching each desired destination.

Imagining the family that was waiting for them on the other end, wife, 2 kids, hell, maybe even a dog. Maybe even a husband if it’s a woman driving. My mind was always wandering.

I spent alot of time just thinking. Never a time a thought wasn’t running thru my head. Quiet was my happy place, even if that quiet lead me to uncomfortable situations. I found my life scribbled in composition notebooks and my soul flowing thru it like the ink from the BIC pen. Forever permanant, like our names we wrote in the wet cement as it waited patiently to dry in the summer days.

Today, wasn’t one of those days. Rain was in the forecast and it didn’t play hooky, so escaping to my safe haven, the park, wasn’t a viable option at the moment. I had to think on my feet and quickly but as always my older brother beat me to the Nintendo.


Looks like another day of getting my tail whipped in WWF or being Luigi. But I always knew I’d be Mario one day and rescue Princess Peach and live happily ever after inside of the castle. My day was coming, for now tho, let me concentrate on nothing getting my tail whipped.

But if you wait a while, I’ll give you the story, at least from my perspective. At least what I remember. But welcome, you could have been anywhere in the world, but you’re here with me and I appreciate that.

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