Table Talks: We Always Talking About Equality, So What’s It Gonna Take To Get There

Editor’s Note: Table Talks is a weekly segment discussing a topic that I had with someone in my inner circle and my feelings on the topic.

You’re Probably Not Going To Read This but you should, that’s if you’re about being equal.

So I was talking with my girlfriend last night, and she was telling me how she’s been using the term ‘Big Dick Energy’ since I wrote the post about it a couple days ago.

People are telling her that because she’s a female she isn’t allowed to use the term. What I don’t understand is what makes her less confident then a male that she or any other female can’t use the term in proper context.

The definition never mentioned having a penis or a big one, in order to be able to refer to yourself as having ‘Big Dick Energy’. But it’s obvious some of you can’t play nice and share your shiny new toys.

Women haven’t been giving a fair shake in life. They are expected to work the same jobs and play the same sports but not receive the same pay. They are expected to take care of the home all while working a full time job and going to school but not afforded the same luxuries as having a minute to just enjoy a good time with their friends.

We as men, should definitely start showing more respect to our female counterparts. Whether it’s in the workplace, the playgrounds, the gym or at home. Women are human beings too, and even though their capes flap in the wind, they aren’t doing any superhuman things that we can’t either. We just choose not to help, or not to be there, or spending more time out at the clubs with your friends then at home with the family you’re raising.

Women have been the males backbone for years, helping them build the foundation and keep the ship steady when the waters become rocky. Women have basically kept America going while the men went out and brought the bread home.

But things are changing and women are becoming the bread winners and not at an equal rate either.

When I was growing up, it was the men that kept a roof over their heads and the heads of their families. Now it’s the women who are out here doing that plus, helping with homework, grocery shopping, as well as keeping the home together.

But I keep seeing things where men say ‘women don’t deserve this because’ and ‘women shouldn’t do this because’ and I’m here to ask, because of what?

Because your fragile ego, can’t see a women making more then you? Because you can’t accept the fact that a women may be better then you at something you are good at? Because what?

That narrative must change immediately if we want this world to change for the better. Women don’t respect men and I don’t blame them. Half the time we bring nothing to the table besides sex and from what I read online, that ain’t even good enough to warrant that.

Men, we must do better and we must start treating women with the respect they deserve. We want to be Kings but don’t want to place our Queens on the same pedastel but expect to receive the most from them. As men, we gotta start being what our grandfather’s were and stop being what our fathers were.

People have been talking about breaking the cycle for years. So how about we be the break in the cycle as women and men but more importantly as human beings. But then again, You’re Probably Not Going To Read This.

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