Sex On The First Night: Why Is It Looked At As A Bad Thing?

You’re Probably Not Going To Read This and you’re probably not going to after the title.

But I have a real question and I’d appreciate some real answers. But what is the issue with two consenting adults deciding to have sex on the first night of meeting each other? Then again, why is it anyone’s business in the first place?

Well, both questions can be answered very easily, so lemme try to make it as simple as possible. The answer to the first question could be summed up to minding your own relationships business and the second well, because in the age of social media, people make it other people’s business.

I’ve noticed that many women and men go to social media to talk about their relationships, whether it be problems within it or just the happier moments. I don’t knock because even I do it and I’m not gonna stop because people wanna be messy. The question presented itself across my TL and it made me think and want to write. So the tweet went as such:

I agree with what she saying because I learned over the years that most women know if they are going to have those kind of relations with a man prior to even going on a date with him. I’m not sure how true it is because of course I’m not a female and I can’t speak for them, but it could be true. But of course, there is always one male who thinks he can speak for the entire female gender and makes a fool out of himself :

I’m not sure what women he’s met, but I’ve met some women and have women friends that have told me that’s otherwise and even when talked to about it, he still continues this same pattern:

My biggest question for him is, what makes women so different from men that we as males are allowed to freely sling our penis around with no consequences, but females are considered hoes, thots and whatever else y’all decide to call them these days. It’s unfair and it’s not right and it shouldn’t continue to happen.

I’m far from perfect and I don’t have a decorated past that I will be receiving medals or awards for, but I only use the term if its necessary or out of frustration. But women are the same thing as men, HUMAN BEINGS. Lemme say that again, for the people who aren’t paying attention, WOMEN ARE HUMAN BEINGS TOO.

The stigma between women having sex and men having sex are weird and shouldn’t be that way. People should be able to live the way they want to live freely without judgement because we aren’t here to judge but here to live. I’m sure after reading this post, I’ll be called a pick me or whatever else term y’all can come up with, but I don’t care, women are not treated equally and it’s not fair.

So if you’re reading this then let’s do whatever we can to make the change. It all starts with you, yeah, you reading this one right here, let’s make sure we start treating women and not only women, but people in general with respect. Women have struggled long enough in this world, a world that they literally create with pregnancy and the raising of families. So after reading this, tell a woman in your life how much you appreciate them because they deserve it, but then again You’re Probably Not Going To Read This. 

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