‘I Still Beat Tho’. Is It The Greatest Comeback Of All Time Or Nah?

(Featured Photo Credit: @YourFavTweeter_ on Twitter )

You’re Probably Not Going To Read This but Fellas, we have finally found the cheat code. Not that I ever plan on using it, but it’s here if you ever need to.

4 words has got people on their heels lately. 4 simple words that some males believe wins any argument with women and which one person said:

*insert emoji crying faces*

I swear, having a sense of humor goes a long way and this tweet here states it all. The 4 words ‘ I Still Beat Tho ‘ has made males laugh and some females bitter.

So in case you’re not big on slang terms, the word beat is referring to having sex. So most of the time, when a female is berating a male, so to say, he can always look back on the fact that he still had sex with said female even tho to her he is everything she doesn’t want and more.

Fair enough, you’d say. But leave it to our folks at twitter to make something so small bigger then it is. Editor’s Note: If you don’t have a Twitter, you shouldn’t sign up. In the microwave, meme culture that we live in today, it didn’t take long for this statement to become viral. With everybody making jokes or assumptions.

The Good

The GIF makes this tweet so much funnier then it is. But of course, everyone isn’t happy with the phrase, here’s an example :

I’m sure someone’s gonna read that and say ‘He still beat tho.’ Oh wait, that’s just me, let’s continue.

If any of the choices was Peanut Butter, I’d definitely ask for one. But I felt the angry tapping of the keys as I read this one. But hold up, it gets better:

WHOA! We Wasn’t Ready *Kevin Hart vc* Guess we can’t win them all.

The Bad

But, __ _____ ____ ___!

Does it really matter how many times? But ok:

*crickets, crickets*

The ‘Why Can’t You Just Laugh’ Section:

We knew it was coming, ladies and gentlemen. But wait, it gets better:

And then this:

She obviously didn’t read my post.

But all in all, I think it’s comedy how 4 words, 4 simple words, can make people get to so frustrated. Would I ever use the term, probably not, but have I in an argument said something similar, yes I have. I’ve grown enough to find the comedy in it and also understand the outrage. But seriously:

Hopefully, you can find the humor in all this, but then again You’re Probably Not Going To Read This.

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