How Do We Fix The ‘Women/Men are Trash’ Narrative?


You’re Probably Not Going To Read This but I figured I’d write it anyway.

I’ve noticed lately how both women and men are complaining about the selection of the dating pool. Trust me, I’ve swam in those ponds and tried to fish in those lakes and man, was it a scary place. I’m not too far from those days, and I’m not planning on going back. But it’s becoming alarming how hard it is for people these days to try to find someone to build with, learn things about and possibly spend the rest of their lives with.

Is It The Men?

I’m a man, so if you ask me its these crazy ass b…. nah just playing. But really, that’s a great question I tend to ask myself, is it us, the male species? I can admit to anyone that we are, for lack of a better term, fuck ups.  We forget to do simple things that we knew we had to do but decided to watch this game instead. We tend to flirt with women that we shouldn’t be even looking in their direction. We spend money on things we know we don’t need and then wonder why we don’t have money for things women find important, like dates. It happens, we aren’t perfect. I don’t care how many times I say it, we just don’t get it, and I personally am horrible at taking hints.

So, I mean we definitely can be the problem. It doesn’t help that we live in the era of Sex, Drugs and Trap Music.  It seems like most women’s complaints about men are the fact they can’t even keep it in their pants, so they began to set their standards so high, they end up accumulating cats at an alarming rate. Editor’s Note: It’s okay to laugh, it won’t hurt anybody. Do I or should anyone else blame them? Of course not. But we can see the problem here, and as men we definitely should take heed and try to keep it at home.

But it’s not only us because :

Is It The Women?

From my perspective, women have decided to play the game from the aspect of the hurt person finding retribution then become healed and become better for the next. I’ve noticed post that mention how, men are trash quite often and on the regular.

I wish it was as easy as it was to find, read and post this tweet to my blog. But it’s impossible to prove someone wrong when you can’t even find the right opportunity. Then it’s tweets like this that gives me hope and I see that their possibly could be a light at the end of the tunnel:

Cause it’s true, the narrative says that all men are trash and shit, there are some really horrible human beings that claim the male species that belong nowhere but in a landfill ready to be recycled. *takes a deep breath*

I know that there are some good guys out there but when we regularly hear how trash we are and find those same women dating the same ‘trash ass’ people, us ‘good guys’ tend to ask ourselves what are we doing wrong. We don’t shoot the same way, so people look at our ugly jumpers and decide they’d rather go from the slam dunk because its guaranteed. But is a guaranteed good couple months better than possibly finding someone to spend the rest of your life with? It’s a question I think some women should ask themselves before choosing the next person that’d go on a date with.

Is Their A Solution?

I mean, its life, it’s usually a solution to everything. Prayer and patience worked for me, even tho I’ve made mistakes along the way, I’ve acknowledged my mistakes and vowed to be a better person. Hopefully, I have given that kind of energy out in hopes I can find someone else that’s just as imperfect but perfect enough to have the thought of spending my life with them.

Chances have to be taken. People have standards, we all do for so many different things and having options are a wonderful thing. Being able to sort thru the field and find the right stalk of corn, Editors Note: I say that with all puns intended, is what life’s about instead of having one stalk of corn and hopefully it gives you a nice cob you can nibble on later.

Risk taking is important. I mean, nobody successful stayed in their comfort zone and made it to be who they are today, so taking a calculated risk is also important. I’m not saying give the next ‘hobosexual‘ in your DMs selling you a dream the opportunity to swindle you, but you don’t have to skip over the genuine guy that’s looking for the same things as you because he doesn’t reach your attraction quota.

Loving and accepting the person you are is key. My biggest issue dating was the fact that I lived in all my hurt and regrets from the past. I allowed myself not to look forward towards the future and what I can bring to the table in the home that I’ve built, but I looked at my past and said to myself, ‘this is the reason why the last person left, so this is the reason why the next person will leave too’. As I typed that, I’m disappointed that, that is the person I was and it’s a person I hope I’ll never become again. But being able to look in the mirror and enjoy what you see is key. Being able to enjoy being alone and engaging in things you enjoy is also very important.


Overall, I hope that this post could shed some light on the problems I see with dating in 2018, and with people tying people up in basements, online dating is becoming a bit harder to come by.  So, maybe I’ve shed some light on a situation you’re going thru or may possibly encounter as you navigate the safari we know as ‘the dating game.’ But I do hope we are all blessed one day to find that person we are supposed to grow old with, if not, there’s always pornhub right? Just kidding, but then again You Probably Didn’t Read This Anyway.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. nadia005 says:

    Well said, we can all play the blame game or own up to our mess and make it better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Remo says:

      I appreciate your comment. And until people really start taking accountability, it’s always going to be this way.

      Liked by 1 person

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