Who Pays The Bills? Him, Her or Us.


You’re Probably Not Going To Read This but really I’d like to know, who pays the bills when people in a relationship decide to live together. I spend probably way too much time using social media, but lately I’ve noticed more and more tweets like this and the responses to them are quite overwhelming to say the least:

I must admit, I laughed myself when I read it. But as a young man, maturing and growing into the person I am today, I ask myself is this the world we living in now? She also said something later on about how your grandfather paid everything and that’s why our grandmother’s put up with his ass. I mean, she has some valid points and as a kid growing up, I always thought men should be out there bringing home the money. Not saying, a woman’s job is ‘in the kitchen’ but if she wanted to, it was her option to stay home.

But somewhere along the way, during my development into this person I am today, I am vaguely remembering the term ‘independent woman’ being thrown around a lot. I have no hate towards it, be great ladies, but why do y’all claim the right to be independent and then get upset when a man may ask you to show some independence?

Asking for half of the rent and utilities isn’t a bad thing if you both are working and bringing in income. If one isn’t and staying home raising the children, then I understand totally. ‘Whatever floats the boat‘ is a saying I remember hearing a lot as a kid and as individuals, which I hope we all are, you can let your individual situation dictate how y’all decide who will pay for what and how much?

I appreciate the tweet because it made me think on what I would do if I, myself was in that particular situation. I mean, what would I do if it was me? Honestly, if I could afford it, I wouldn’t want my woman to work unless it was something that she wanted to do. But knowing that, I can’t expect to do it living in a economical time as such knowing that I barely make enough to provide for two. But that’s today, who knows what can happen days or months or even years from now.

But I figured it was definitely something that caught my attention and I figured I’d state how I see things from my perspective. Like, I understand the tweet above was made in good humor, but it does bring up an important question, who pays the bills?

In my opinion, you let the individuals be individuals because just like its ‘no wrong way to eat a Reese’s‘, there is no right or wrong answer for this. Just make sure the communication is open so that no one is living in a grey area.

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