So What Is ‘Big D*ck Energy’ and How Do You Know If You Have It?

You’re Probably Not Going To Read This but I’m gonna write it anyway.

As you start to follow and read my post, I’m on social media a lot, preferably Twitter.  Lately, as I scroll I see a lot of tweets referring to ‘Big Dick Energy’ and I began to ask myself, what is ‘Big Dick Energy’ and how do you know or access your ‘Big Dick Energy’? Editors Note: Sorry, I think the term is funny, so I’ll probably use it often. Apologize in advance.

The ever updated Urban Dictionary states the definition of ‘Big Dick Energy’ as follow:

‘ confidence without cockiness. (I think I got that one.) It can never be misplaced and it can’t be simulated. (I believe I check that box too.) It is the sexual equivalent of writing a check for $10k and knowing you got it in the bank. ‘

I don’t have ten thousand dollars in the bank, so I can’t say I can write that check but with that definition then, well. But to think people are nominating other people for having ‘Big Dick Energy’ is a crazy thing if you ask me. But of course on twitter, it’s now a thing to have it or not:

I’m assuming she’s been the group of friends and the girlfriend walking with her man.

Okay, we may be on to something here now.

I’m loving her energy with this one.

She don’t sound like she’s with the shit’s at all.

Well said.

Overall, it’s obvious you don’t have to be a male to have ‘Big Dick Energy’, shit from some of these tweets you might not even have to have a large penis. But its an energy you project, its that confidence that says ‘I Got This’ but not that ‘Fawk, Outta Here, I Got This Yo’.

Maybe you have ‘It’, maybe you don’t. I’m not here to judge. But if I happen to go to law school one day, I’ll tell you one thing:

Grab your nuts and act like you gotta pair.‘ Because man, things have changed quite drastically since I’ve grown up in the ’90s. But I’m sure we’ll get to that eventually.

So if you’re wondering if you radiate ‘Big Dick Energy’ then wonder no more. But then again You Probably Didn’t Read This.

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