Invisible Man

The train sways back and forth on the elevated tracks as the passengers nestled in their seats for the long journey into the concrete zoo. Everyone’s bundled up. Their layers making even the slimmest person appear obesesed however it’s their way of braving the cold that mother nature brings with her.

A baby sleeps peacefully in the stroller while others are into their screens. Most likely, checking their social media but that I’m not sure. I look around the car, observing the other passengers as we ride through the sky on the iron horse before we slow to a stop at one of the stations.

The doors open and along with a blast of cold air walks in a beautiful woman, well at least from what shows from the hole of her Mermot coat that’s zipped up and hoodie pulled over. Her grey scarf blows in the wind as she glances over the passengers already seated trying to decide who she’ll feel most comfortable next to.

She finds an opening in the melting pot and sits next to the baby still resting and the mother as well as an older gentleman reading the news paper on his way into the city. As she turns towards me, I turn towards the open window able to look at the scenery painted in the sky but I’m sure she noticed.

I give it a second before turning back. She’s already changed her attention to the sleeping baby in the stroller and a smile creeps across her face as the baby stirs and lets out a heavy breath. I smile too but she sees it because her gaze has changed. I look up and our eyes meet. She smiles, I nod and we look back at the baby.

Only if life was that peaceful as we aged. So simple. So pure. The train slows and churns to a stop. It’s mine. Not hers. Once again we lock eyes. I smile, she nods. Who knows what it could have been but for a moment it appeared to be everything.

I walk away and in her mind her eyes burn a whole in my mental film room. I know if I see them again, who they belong to. I’ll wait, what do they call it, shoot my shot. Yeah, I’ll Steph Curry it. For now, I’ll practice. I mean even do Allen Iverson told me not to. Regardless tho. I’m thankful for the hope. The small sign of respect. The eye contact that goes with a “I see you, you aren’t invisible.”

When I Get Lonely

My reality tends to blur lines with my dreams,
I tend to see things that are only visualized in my subconscious,
Yeah, at times it makes me obnoxious,
Maybe it’s my toxic trait,

Or maybe I’m just lonely.

You’re the visual that prances into my optics,
Though in it’s infancy,
it waddles in and out of my thoughts,
As if it’s a sport to run through my mind,
Hopefully it clears the hurdles placed in its way,
Maybe then we reach the finish line,

But it’s only when I get lonely,

That I have the time to to give these thoughts any attention.
It’s a whore for it,
I just don’t pay for the space it takes in my head,
The room and board is free,
So it shows up like uninvited guest,
I guess, it’s to torment me,
But maybe it’s to give me hope,
That one day, it’s just you and me,
With no rules,

Just us two,

But it’s just thoughts I have listening to songs that remind me of the moments,
The moments I’ve seen in my future,
Designed like a new a dress,
Everyone wants the picture,
Though no one understands the work it takes to create such stunning optics,
But I do,

But only when I get lonely.

And only then I see you,
The woman of my dreams,
Dressed in all white,
Family and friends happy and smiling,
Me holding your hand expressing my deepest feelings,
It’s then that I know,
That all of this happened for a reason,
It’s then though that I realize,
That in due time,
Everything I dream will be seen,
Including you,
But it’s only so many times I think of it,
And you,
And though it may seem selfish,
Just know you’re the one I envision being next to,
Being the best to,
Giving up the rest for,
I’m sure you understand,
But it’s only because you,
Yes you,

You get lonely too.

Cucumbers, Corn and Other Things I Love and Hate about Social Media

Some things just don’t mix.

Snow in the summer, cereal and water, me and my exes.

Simple, right?

You would think that it’s obvious and it would make people avoid certain things but they continue to chase things that don’t mix with them.

It’s like the microwave theory I wrote about. I need my glass plate and nothing else, nothing more.

Especially when it comes to relationships, but here we are. Talking about how certain things don’t make sense together and the lines are being blurred in pop culture, television, movies and even social media.

Speaking of social media, isn’t it a weird place? It’s a freaking competition. One I didn’t see coming at all when I first signed up for MySpace.

Since Tom first friended me, social media has changed drastically. People actually use to communicate on these things. Now it’s just videos. And recycled tweets and Russian spies hacking the election.

Go figure.

Even our president shouldn’t be on social media, but here go Agent Orange, doing what Agent Orange does but I get suspended for saying (insert N word).

I’m not going to lie, social media has been my life forever.

I’ve built bonds, secured relationships, had conversations with people in different countries via WhatsApp. (Editor’s Note: Hi, Jess!)

But I’ve met more people that has been in my life for years using Al Gore’s Internet.

So, I can say I love social media, but I also hate social media and I’ve listed my top 5 reasons below:

Love: Meeting Various People From Various Places

Before social media, you only knew people in your area. Your friends you went to school with and played tag with in the park. Invited over for a birthday party or even a barbeque.

Now we have friends all over the world. We spend hours sometimes chatting with them and growing relationships and now you travel to play tag. (Editor’s Note: If you never seen that movie “TAG” you should, it’s an amazing flick.)

Not every visit goes well but I haven’t had those experiences.

Hate: Cucumber and Corn Being Sexually Molested

Videos made social media a great place. Videos also made social media a popularity contest.

Videos also made social media thanks to vine but now social media is been overtaken by vegetables being sexed orally as well as being used as dildos.

It’s maddening and needs to stop. It was funny during the “50 Shades” time, now it’s just downright silly. Nobody wants to actually see it being done but these people won’t listen. The likes and retweets are causing this to go viral and I just wish it would stop.

Love: Seeing Strangers Uplift Others and Showing Tons of Support.

I know I’m not the only person that created something and expected your friends and immediate family to support it.

You ask them if they seen this or that and they’ll say no but they’ll inform you about the latest Facebook gossip. You know what celebrity did what and what celebrity beefing with who and the other likes of things.

The greatest thing about social media is the fact that you can gain support from someone that’s a stranger.

So much for not talking to them, huh?

I’ve gotten genuine support from folks I’ve never met or never had plans to meet. That support turns into genuine interest and now you have a friend that’s on the other side of the globe. (Editor’s Note: Sorry flat earthers. This planet is a sphere.)

That drives you to continue going. Even though people are killing it, you still find the will to keep going and that’s really all any creator needs, support.

So thanks if you’re reading this.

Hate: Recycled Tweets

We all deal with them. That’s if you’re active on Twitter that is but even when I occasionally scroll Facebook, I see things I’ve seen on Twitter weeks ago.

Creativity has taken a backseat to copycats. People don’t want to be themselves anymore. They want to be the next thing to go viral. Even if it means stealing other people’s creative thoughts.

Inspiration is one thing but complete imitation is not flattery. I don’t care, it’s my opinion and like Nene Leaks says..

Love: Always Being Able to Find A Conversation

If social media was used properly, you’d never be bored. You’d be able to always scroll your feed and find great conversation. I mean it used to be that way, but not so much anymore.

Still, if you can weed through the fradulant sugar daddies, cash app request and “you wanna flip your money” direct messages, you notice that we aren’t all weirdos.

Some of us have great insight, others are just catfishing.

Even those conversations are welcomed at 3am when the feed slows down.

And those are Five Things I love and Hate about social media. In the comments share some of the things you love and hate about social media below!

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I’m a Girl & I Like Boys

The thoughts come in as waves,

He makes my entire body convulse,
I laugh uncontrollably as his God Force energy touches me.
5D is fun, new perspectives on art.
New perspectives on love, he & I…

a new perspective.

Just the slightest touch ignites me. A flame he surely can withstand.

He senses for me, while I bask in him.
Every single move he makes empowers one of my chakras.

He is so enticing…

“Fond I am of you.”

My thoughts feel like whispers of love that want to escape past my tongue.

Instantly, he’s forgiven from past mental bonds. Instantly.

How sacred is she?

He must be wondering. Memories of the past stimulate the moment, bringing us that much closer to where we will one day be.
He knows there’s a reason I keep him at bay,
And it exhilarates the bond between us ever more.
Boldness is a feature of mine that cannot be turned off, especially by a moment this real.

Boys are like puppies, & boy I am sure down to play.

Every single movement is cute, the attraction barely ends.
Even the lifestyle he has chosen still brings a jolt of lighting within my veins.

Because it's him...

How instantly my soul recognizes his,

to leave my essence lingering with just a kiss?

I love by a code my dear, ‘All or Nothing.’

Still he seeks a sample, something to grasp in the moment,
aiming so hard to not let me slip away.
Spoon full of the gifts you granted me.
I came to return the notes you once loaned.
How you’ve made me study & seek within myself.

Words & lessons forever resonate.

He asks the right questions,
as if it were a common test.

I find comfort & confidence in my answers, which slide out as if my brain is wired on auto response.

I’m a girl & I like boys.

Can you blame me?

Let’s Talk About It: My Parents Don’t Like My Significant Other

Let’s Talk About It is a place where I talk about relationship issues that I notice and feel some sort of discussion needs to be had. Using Twitter Polls, I ask questions and recieve answers, some you’ll below.

To join in the conversation follow me at @aguynamedREMO on Twitter.

So you meet someone and things are going great. You begin to believe he or she may be “the one” which happens when meeting someone new.

(Editor’s Note – We’ll discuss my feelings on that in another post.)

As things begin to get heavy, you start to think to yourself how you’d love to introduce your significant other to your parents.

It’s okay, I heard you scream out “WHOA” too. I’m sure that was the “let’s take it slow” crowd, but not everyone is patient as you. Some things move faster when going with the flow. Other times, it’s like watching paint dry. Pick your poison lovers.

But say you’re the fast moving type or even the slow moving variety and you’re meeting the parents, but they don’t particularly like your partner, what do one do?

Well, I didn’t know the answer because my “mom” hates every woman I’ve brought home except one. But then again, she kinda hates everything so… You know.

I asked Twitter using a poll and the response was surprising. More than 900 people shared their opinion via vote and many more through comments and quote tweets.

But here’s what I asked folks:

Simple. And 58% of the votes went to yes, they would. I mean I would. My reason though is because I do what I want. Or in a more simpler form…

And while my opinion isn’t always valid, many others chimed in.

Easton always has good insight. But what if you weren’t liked by most people like she is?

I feel her tho. Like, that’s a serious red flag. How am I supposed to spend life with someone wand avoid every family gathering because the parents didn’t like your choice?

I’ll pass.

Jess mentioned this:

And I’m sure that’s what we all want. Right? But it’s not always the case. Which leads me to what Whitney had to say, I kinda agree with her.

I always say try to make it work, but if you can’t. Run. As. Fast. As. You. Can.

I mean some people really just don’t care. They love who they love and like she said:

And most people feel that way. Although, I doubt their share that sentiment with their significant other.

Miss Washington figures her family is better anyway.

And Steph feels like it’s about her happiness notnher parents:

And Tamier feels like:

Cold. But she isn’t wrong.

Life could be complicated. Relationships can make them that much more complicated. And choosing the right in laws are important to some, to others they think like Tamier.

My advice, listen to the people who want the best for you. Love makes you do all types of weird and crazy things that you know you’d never do. So why do it? 10 years later when you’re depressed and moving back in with your parents you’ll ask questions like “was it worth it?” “Why me?” While your mom just mentions how she told you so.

So let’s stop being stubborn and look for the red flags because if it wasn’t that important, I doubt you’d even want to introduce the person to your family in the first place.

But that’s why we talk about it.

The Perfect Day

You ever wake up wishing the day would go exactly as planned? Almost perfect in a way? Trust me, I’m sure we all do. So I sat and thought about my perfect day and kind of detailed it below. Enjoy.


The perfect day, wouldn’t consist of a morning. Why? Well, I’d be able to sleep in past twelve. I’m usually up early and go to bed pretty late. Im always working on something for my blog or business that I barely have much time for sleep. So sleeping in is definitely on the list.

They say that breakfast is the most essential part of ones days, so having a balanced breakfast wouldn’t be such a bad idea. My favorite is pancakes, but on my perfect day, I’d prefer french toast. It’s something about french toast during brunch that just makes it better, but having that with an omelette sounds like an amazing breakfast. Not too fond of orange juice, so a nice cup of apple or even cranberry would suffice.

Afterwards, I’d probably smoke. A good wake and bake session gets the creative juices flowing. So, that personally is one thing I wouldn’t break from my normal routine much. But my perfect day should consist of the perfect location, so poolside in Southern California would be ideal. The idea that it’s possible one day, let’s me know it’s not a far fetched one. And having a nice wake and bake after a French toast breakfast isn’t a bad idea to start a perfect day.


Well, the perfect day should consist of the perfect setting and my perfect afternoon wouldn’t be anything far fetched.

To be able to with the love of my life enjoying a beach or even a park having a picnic would be a great way to spend the perfect afternoon. Whether we are having a thought provoking conversation or even reading a book together out loud, alternating pages as we go, that’s how I’d envision it.

Maybe sneaking off and having a quick session in a location that was somewhat discreet would be fun and adventurous. But it would have to be a spontaneous thing. Not something we planned or setup but just like man, let’s go.

I’d like to think I’m pretty romantic, so having an afternoon with someone I care deeply about, doing something I enjoy and enjoying the spontaneity of the day sounds like a perfect afternoon in my book.


After a great “morning” and perfect afternoon the night is where things end and the perfect ending to the day would be again of course with someone I hold dearly.

Imagine dinner along a secluded beach, where it’s just you, your significant other and a waiter serving drinks and your favorite meal. A playlist playing that was inspired by your relationship playing softly in the background as we discuss goals and things we want to achieve individually as well as together.

After eating, a nice walk along the beach talking about life still and how we wish this moment would last forever is what’s in my mind as I write this. Holding hands, enjoying the sounds of the waves crashing along the beach. The breeze just right. It may lead to an incredible love making session on that very beach but again spontaneity is everything and that’s not a bad way to end a perfect day.

And on that note. That’s my perfect day. Drop some comments below and let me know how would you spend your perfect day.

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Healing My Inner Child

I grew up poorer than most people so as a child through my teenage years, I thought monetary gains was the only way to be successful. Throughout my young adult hood, I thought growing with people and having lasting relationships meant more.

Today, at my big age, I realize that I was wrong totally and have rearranged my goals accordingly. I’m not sure when I mentally checked out, but I definitely did stop loving myself the way I should have been doing.

My self-esteem hasn’t always been on the higher side. I’ve hurt myself emotionally and physically, through actions that I didn’t know was harming my spirit. And it’s only because I forgot about the inner child in me.

I wasn’t ready to face it so I didn’t.

Most of my problems stem from my inner child being ignored and I can explain why a little.

Throughout my childhood, I wasn’t able to be a child. I mean I went to the park, I played video games, but I didn’t create any life long bonds. It was always a come and go process. I was shuffling foster homes like dealers shuffled cards at a casino. Without social media like we have today it was harder to accomplish.

I felt lonely on days when I was in a room full of people. I am loner by default, but every once in a while some positive attention from someone you cared for wouldn’t be so bad. Those days were few and far between. So I found the internet and chatrooms and that’s where I gained the things I was looking for.

But as an adult, it’s not the same. I can’t look for validation and love from others. I have to love me. But not also me, I have to love the inner child in me. He’s just as important as the adult and until I find that balance things will continue to be weird for me.

My inner child is my funny and humorous side. My creative side. The side that wants to help others be their best selves. The adult in me is always thinking about the next payday. The next come up. The next bill that’s due and how to pay it.

But finding the balance between the two is what being alive is all about.

People avoid healing. I don’t understand why because when they are sick, they dope themselves up on whatever is prescribed. But ask them to heal themselves emotionally and spiritually seems like a tall task for most.

People hide their pain in drugs and alcohol. In random sexual encounters. Even by tearing people down that’s just there to help them. I have done that. For years, I hid my pain in the next woman or the next blunt or even the next bottle. I chased things that didn’t want me thinking that’s where I had to be.

I finally understand now that I don’t need any of that. Shit, to be honest, I think I’ve felt it for awhile now and just avoided making the change because “it was comfortable” for me. That’s been a damaging mistake that I continued to make repeatedly.

But as I grow and the more I’ve learned the unabridged version of myself, the more I realized the mistake I was making and how I held myself back.

So I’m definitely going to work on reintroducing myself to the child in me. Life is about more than success, it’s about making memories. That’s why photo albums have been on coffee tables for as long as any of us could remember. It was never about what we had, but it was about who we had it with.

That’s the part of me that I miss the most. That’s the part of me I’m going to work on. Telling my inner child he’s not alone. Letting him now that he’s loved and cared for. Appreciating him for who he is. Letting him play when the urge comes. Getting back to doing things he loves. Because if he’s not happy, I’m only faking what I show the world.

I appreciate you reading this. It’s more personal but I hope it can help you realize the mistakes we are making. A lot of us forgot who we were and forgot about our inner child. Others haven’t. I aspire to be more like them and less like the man I used to be.

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How a Microwave Helped Me Understand Relationships.

With a microwave, things get hot quicker than conventional methods of cooking. What would take 5-10 minutes to make on the stove, it happens in seconds with a microwave. But if you don’t consume it right away, it gets cold and unwanted. That’s how most of my relationships have been for the most part. I never understood why but I blamed toxicity, I blamed my own issues with abandonment and I’ve also blamed the world when in reality, nothing is actually wrong with this. Especially when you see relationships the same way you see a microwave.

I’ll explain.

I was reading an article by Max Njuguna Macharia about this topic. He explained how there is two perspectives you can view this from. And if you glance at the microwave, you’ll understand. The first is the timer perspective and the second is the glass plate perspective.

The Timer Perspective

With the timer perspective, you ask yourself two questions:

  1. When is the right time to date and
  2. When should we start the dating timer.

Sounds like two simple questions that you already know the answer to, doesn’t it? Trust me, you couldn’t be more wrong.

This method has taught me that the right time to date is when you decide that dating is good for nothing. Nothing at all.

What do you mean dating is good for nothing?

Exactly what I said.

People assume that you need to have “someone” in order to do the things you want to do in life. Like, people don’t realize that when they need someone to talk to, there are other people besides a partner or significant other that could be there for you. You have parents, siblings, immediate family and friends that can be there for you. You want to try the new seafood restaurant out in town, it doesn’t have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend enjoying it with you, but your best friend could go along for the trip. And if it’s sex and kisses and that touch you are seeking, nowadays it’s okay to actually have a “friend with benefits” if that’s what you’re actually looking for. So, truly when you see it from this perspective, you don’t need to have a somebody to enjoy life.

The answer to the second question well, is just as simple. You’re ready to date when you realize that you’ll always be single. Relax, even if you’re currently in a relationship, you’re really single, just sharing your time with someone else. But look at it this way, when you’re single you are doing all kinds of things to make yourself right for the next situation. Whether it’s going to the gym, you start dressing better, talking different maybe hanging out a little later than usual, regardless you’re working on you for you. At least I hope. The minute you get into a relationship, you become comfortable. You don’t mind missing the gym day and it’s okay to wear sweats and a tee shirt for multiple days in a row because you’ve already found that person. You stop pushing yourself to become better. You become complacent even. So if you place it in your mindset that being single is important, you’ll spend every day looking to improve yourself, regardless if you’re in a relationship or not.

The Glass Plate Perspective

Then there is the glass plate perspective we all know that you can’t throw any plate into a microwave and expect it to operate properly. Don’t believe me and have some money to spare, throw a regular plate in the microwave and hate me later.

But the glass plate perspective teaches us two things:

  1. The person you look to date should be in line with your purpose in life and
  2. The person you choose is not and will never be perfect.

With the first thought, how could you date someone that doesn’t push you towards your dreams? Like you want to be a musician but your significant other wants you to quit your “garage band” and start chasing more realistic goals like getting a job. That’s not what you want, so how do you guys fit? How do you mesh if the person you are with aren’t pushing to be the best version of you?

Every JAY Z needs a Beyonce and every Barak Obama needs a Michelle. I understand people say opposites attract but you’ve never seen a lion with a gazelle have you? So why would you date someone that doesn’t fit into your box? So, why choose that plate that’s not going to make your microwave run effectively. It doesn’t make sense.

Which brings us to the second thought, that your partner will never be perfect. Social Media and television has painted a picture in our minds that dating is supposed to be one way. That all love stories end with things being “happily ever after.” That’s the quickest way to fail. If you expect your partner to be perfect, you’ll be disappointed 100% of the time. But if you’re willing to apply pressure but be patient with your partner you just may craft something much more beautiful like a diamond, which is beautiful but never truly perfect.

Makes Sense?

Looking at relationships the same way you see a microwave will help some. Others will look at this and say this makes no sense. But if you use the timer to focus on you and envision the glass plate as your partner, you’ll realize that you should always work on you, never becoming complacent. You should see you’re partner as your perfect fit but never view them to be completely perfect because some times the plate comes off track and you have to fix it or even replace it if it doesn’t fit.

Hopefully if you’re single, you remain single even when meeting someone you plan to be with forever and even though that person may seem perfect, they will never be.

I hope this helps. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

5 Goals I’ve Set For The Month of August

The retrograde is over. We survived. Everyone take a shot.

Burning sensation done? Cool.

Now that we got the celebration out of the way, August is right around the corner and it’s time to set goals for the month right? Right.

Here’s five things I hope to accomplish before September creeps it’s head in and we are officially ready for fall.


To expand my blog to more varying range of topics.

In July, I kind of got carried away helping to heal others. Which is never a bad thing, but I began to focus on more relationship and dating topics and it was a success.

The retrograde brought insight and ruined communication. Maybe even some relationships and friendships along the way, but we can’t “cry over spilled liqour” or whatever the saying is.

After using enough Bounty to make a mom cringe, we are cleaning things up. Yes, I will still continue on with dating and relationship topics, but I plan to expand into sports, fashion, entertainment, music and even finding some recipes to share.

In hopes not to alienate any particular group, I look to enjoy discussing a wide range of topics with my humor and wit and I hope the subscribers will enjoy that as well.


To continue growing my social media presence.

If you’re a blogger, you understand how important social media is. But you also understand how difficult it is to find active users to engage with post. (I’ll probably write about it more in another post.) But it’s essential to growing a following on your blog.

Over the last month, I’ve experimented with topics catered to relationships. I’ve created polls and I used those polls to create dope post as well as network with great individuals worldwide. But the world is much more than relationships. So I will use the tools I learned to continue to increase my following and engagements, just gonna post about various topics instead of focusing on mainly one. Hopefully you guys stick around for it.


Take a trip somewhere I never been.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I get around. I like to travel. I’m very nomadic and it’s something that makes me happy. Over the summer, I decided to stay with some family friends down in Georgia and though it was tougher than many other places I’ve been. I’ve grown accustomed to this heat and the many bugs.

But my itch to see something new is growing and I know eventually I need to scratch it. I’ve crossed many places off of my travel bucket list in the last couple years, but it’s still so many places I would like to see.

I’ve decided by the end of August even if it’s for just a weekend, I want to visit somewhere. Whether it’s Milwaukee because of my love of deers or Virginia because it’s the place for lovers. Those two destinations are on my list of places I’d like to see. (Editor’s Note: We will get to Cali eventually. Bare with me.)


Find a passive source of income that can turn into more reliable income.

Three years ago, when I started this journey into entrepreneurship I had no goals. I just knew I never wanted to punch somebody’s clock while making their dreams come true while mine sat dormant.

Three years later, I’m proud to say the growth with this blog has been humbling but a blessing. It’s been a slow process but I eventually understand how blogging works. And yes, I haven’t found a way to make income off of it yet, but I have increased viewership. But the goal is to work for myself right? Right.

I’ve created a business for social media branding and I plan to actually find clients that actually understand that you have to pay for services. I will use this as a passive income until it’s more reliable while “working a regular job” and while keep the blog running.

And last but not least..


To actually go on a date and live a little.

So for all those that have been following for awhile, you know I eat, sleep, shit and blog. And I barely do two of the four if we are being honest with each other. I haven’t lived a life worth talking about and that’s got to change.

Lately, I’ve been engaging more with the opposite sex and actually looking for a date. But I don’t go anywhere. But this upcoming month, I plan to change that.

I feel a lot more confident about myself and what I have to offer. It hasn’t always been this way, but here we are. It’s refreshing and I kind of feel like my old self, which truthfully isn’t good, but it’s necessary for me to continue to progress. Maybe I’ll actually find someone I like and that likes me back. But I’m getting old and I truthfully don’t want to grow old alone.

So actually living life a little and taking a break from blogging 24/7 is necessary and I could use a recharge of my batteries.

But those are my five goals for the month of August.

If you have any goals you’d like to share. The comments are open. I’d love to hear from you. Make sure you click the follow button and subscribe as I update you on the goals I shared above.

Thanks for reading.

Almost Doesn’t Count

I was almost happier with you then I was with others
It was almost like others didn’t exist as long as you did
It was almost as if you were the only thing that mattered
It was almost as if everything I longed for arrived together
It was almost perfect
I almost thought good things could happen to good people
And shit, I was almost right
Which means I was almost wrong as well
Being a glass half filled person, I realized it was almost a full cup
Someone else will make sure to remind me that it was almost done too
But if you see things how I see things, it’s like we were almost there
Almost to the goal
Almost to the future we saw for each other
And if that’s at the end of almost
I almost don’t want to enjoy the process
But that’s because I know almost doesn’t count
There are no second place trophies
No awards for almost doing it
That’s why almost doesn’t matter
Because forever I have to think about how I almost had your heart
And it’s the only reason I’m happy that almost doesn’t count